Friday, February 21, 2014


Last night Grant was in his room for awhile being quiet (odd), so I checked in on him. He was listening to Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" and writing down every word to the song so he could sing it. He would stop the song every few seconds and write down the words. I was impressed. So here is his preliminary work:

Grant being Grant

Here's Grant doing what he does best. Entertaining.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thornhill Game Day

Back in the swing of things, we went to Pearl's for brunch and I came up with a rather ridiculous idea. I suggested we all pretend to have a different name for the entire day and if you called someone by their real name, you had to put your thumb on your forehead for 5 seconds.

I had a long night. I wasn't all there on Sunday morning. Hence, the ridiculous game.

The boys loved it. Here are names:

Grant was Tubuscus (some guy on the internet he follows that I nothing of)
Aidan was Pootie Pie (some character from some show I know nothing of)
Stephen was Rod Tidwell (from Jerry Maguire*)
I was Phoebe (from Friend's)

*I somehow or another in my "still not over the night before mindset" sent Stephen the link for Jerry Maguire when Rod asks Jerry to SHOW HIM THE MONEY. This clip went played over and over again all day Sunday while Tubuscus and Pootie Pie chased a rabbit at my Mom's house while I was attempting to clean out things, to no avail again.

He doens't like the sun in his eyes, so I gave him my shades.

Not sure on this one... They both were in a very silly mood.

This has nothing to do with Sunday Fun Day. This was Saturday
night go to a charity event and make Ashley nervous all day about it.
We had fun. I was worried for nothing. As usual.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Recent Photos


I went through my phone this morning avoiding work and probate requirements. I am not a procrastinator, usually. Just today. And likely will get back to things after this post.

I realized I had several pictures in my phone I meant to make blog posts of. I decided against the Christmas ones. Too sad for me and it's Valentine's Day anyway.

So in no particular order, here you go:

Not going to watch after he heard the sound of the saw.
I don't blame him.

Changed his mind. He wanted to make
sure she did it correctly and did not saw his
arm in half.

This is how Grant signs his name into the aftercare
program at school.

And here's my favorite boys cooking dinner
for me.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mini Post

I have been overloaded with too much stuff but thought I would try and get back to somewhat of a normal life and get back to my blog, which has been neglected. I kind of lost the will to do anything, really.

Given that, here are a few random photos.

Grant and I were hanging out on the couch and somehow or another, he ended up with underwear on his head. He thought it was hysterical.

Stephen started his new job as Vice President of Consulting for TEEMCO this week. He wears a suit like nobody's business. Just the most handsome man in the world.

We got the cat a new toy that makes him go bananas. Uncle Dave recommended it. I highly suggest you get one for your Kitty.

And then there is G with Mitty. He loves that cat. Almost wears him like a shirt half the time.