Thursday, February 24, 2011

School Picture Day

School picture day is notorious for Grant's worst. pictures. ever. I have no idea what happens when he steps in front of that camera, but it turns out ridiculous every year. Last picture day Grant was given the option to do his own hair. Good idea camera people. Let a 5 year old do his own hair. Hence, we have no fall kindergarten picture because I didn't purchase any "package". I didn't even purchase the option for the proofs, it was that bad. And, they didn't do a retake day because they were coming again in the Spring. I decided that was dumb, but having been at the YMCA for 5 1/2 years now, they have learned to let me have my opinion but do nothing with my comments. Don't get me wrong, they love me, at least I think they do, they just know that I usually have an opinion on ANYTHING that has to do with Grant and school.

When I picked him from school on picture day, this is what he looked like:

I know, I know. Fireman boot phase has started up again.

I let him choose his outfit for the picture. Seriously. I did. He's a great little dresser. It's hair styling that is the problem. I took care of that though. I styled it at home that morning and hairsprayed it to death. No way could a teacher or some ding dong photographer attempt to adjust his hair for me, thank you very much.

By the way, my little angel really is a little angel. It was confirmed at my parent teacher conference yesterday. And, I don't have to worry because writing backwards is very common at this age and I didn't need to do my usual worst case scenario thing and diagnose him with Dyslexia. ***Do they know me or what?*** Ms. Karen said Grant was a very good little boy, was right on track for his age and was quite helpful when his classmates were not listening. He takes it upon himself to get the class quited down, by yelling at them to "be quiet, Ms. Karen is waiting". He's a natural born leader. Or a bossy little turkey. Just depends on how you view it.

PS- When I spell checked this bad boy I mis-spelled Dyslexia. Maybe I should worry a little more about myself and less about 5 yr olds who write "2's and S's" backwards.

Dental Magic

Today Grant had his 6 month dental cleaning and check up. He was very ready, although he expressed significant concern about getting stitches.  I have no idea where he gets his information but do know it's very true, according to Grant. On the way this morning he explained to me that once you have your tooth pulled you get stitches and you HAVE to keep them in there. Period. Umm, okay. I explained to Grant he didn't need stitches and wasn't having a tooth pulled.
Add caption

No Cavities! He was convinced the chair was "magic"
because it went up by itself.

Monday, February 21, 2011

GigaBall Madness

This weekend was very LOW key, for the first time in months. Grant played most of Saturday with our neighbors, Jack and Tate. They argued over the Wii for awhile at our house and then moved to the neighbors. It was quiet. Good thing, I had a migraine. It was a win win situation for everyone. Eventually everyone ended up back at our house, but it was short lived. They played outside and had Superhero Popsicles.

**Secret trick I use: Offer kids Popsicles but make them eat them outside. They gladly go outside when a Popsicle is involved and your house is once again quiet** Downside=doesn't work so well in the winter.

Happy kids with Popsicles. See how great that works.
Sunday was a little more active for me. I actually removed myself from the couch (migraine finally left) and drove to Enid for the day. I took along the Gigaball Grant got for Christmas. It seemed like the perfect day for it and Matt had an air compressor to quickly blow it up. I thought I was so smart. I realized later I'm not smart at all. You'll see.

Grant inside the Gigaball

The Gigaball in the Hot Tub. See Grant in there?

There he is!

While the Gigaball is fun while inflated, trying to fit it in your car is another experience in itself. We thought if we just let out a few "places" we could fit it in my car. Ummm, no. It ended up taking an hour to let enough air out of this thing to fit it in my trunk. I am no longer a Gigaball fan. Please feel free to borrow it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Growing Wishes

Grant and I had a fun afternoon yesterday. We ran by our favorite doctor's office for a follow-up, AGAIN. We're a little tired of going to the doc all the time but we both got a good report this time! On the way into doc Thompson's office, Grant decided it was a good time to mention to me that he wanted me to "grow a baby for him, please".

What? Really, Grant, what? He furthered explained to me that his brother lived in Kansas and that was just too far and that if I would simply grow a baby, he would have someone to play with instead of the neighbors all the time.

I let him know that I too would love to "grow a baby" but that I needed to get married first.

Grant's response: Oh, great!  You need to keep a boyfriend first and that will take forever!

Thanks, son. You always tell it like it is, don't ya?

Wearing my shades.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Wednesday, was it?

I finally got my camera out and snapped a picture of the snow. Only my camera was out of batteries and so was I, so I used my phone. Not the best picture, but a picture none the less. I just don't know which storm this was. The first or the second. I guess it really doesn't matter, does it?

Valentine's Day

You would think Grant would have mass produced Valentine's Day cards with all the free time we had last week AND the week before during the snow trap. I did everything I could to keep him occupied. Except Valentine's crafts. Nope. I didn't think of that until Thursday night, the last possible night we could do it.
I also had the impeccable timing of starting this project after 30 minutes of grueling homework.

Grant was not pleased but went along with it. Sort of. I had to beg and encourage and beg some more. He cranked out a whopping 6 cards. Not one of those cards was for a classmate or extended family. He started with Mom and Dad, followed by Matt and then random people followed.
Nikole (who spells her name this way, Grant assured me) who is one of Grant's teachers apparently. I have no idea.
Ms. Delores (his pre-k teacher from last year) and Ms. Karen (the assistant director at the Y). Did he make one for any other teachers? His grandparents? His friends? NO. So, I'm so sorry everyone. Grant wasn't feeling the love this year. I'll try harder next year.

Glad I made the list

He made people doing jumping jacks for Ms. Delores. ???

He thought it was a good idea to write people's ages by their
picture. I told him Ms. Karen was 29+.

Post Valentine Torture Session

I love you to the moon and back again.


Yes, you read that right. I'm blogging about the rodeo. Something I thought I would never do. Of course, the older I get the more I realize those "never" statements end up happening anyway.
Grant went to the rodeo a few weeks back with Matt and loved it. I didn't think much about it until Matt called and said that the rodeo was back in town and the PBR event was going to be held this weekend and he would like to take Grant. Okay, Great. I didn't know PBR meant. (Professional Bull Riding....apparently it's a profession).
Grant came running in later that week and said that the "radio" (that's what he calls it) was coming back and he wanted to go. Perfect, as Matt had already brought it up. Keep in mind, I hadn't given any serious thoughts to going. I just thought it would be a guy thing.

He ran the whole way
I went.  And, LOVED it. No, really. I did . So did Grant. We stayed for 2 hours and there was no whining to leave or running around like crazy. He actually "watched" the bull riding.

My little Cowboy

That guy fell off right after this photo
 but his hand stayed attached. Not pretty.

    Thanks, Matt. We had so much fun and  can't wait for the "radio" to come again. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Life has been crazy this past week. Or should I say is just continuing down the path it's been traveling. Grandpa Dod was back in the ER last week. Shorter visit this time, though. He's better once again and is all moved into his new "hospital" as Grant would call it. The new place is much better and gives Dad part of his life back. We continue to be optimistic and grow closer as a family as the days go by. We enjoyed seeing Uncle Dave again, although, I've nicknamed him Superman here lately. He flies in to calm a crisis.

Last week we had one of the biggest snow storms I've seen. You would think I would have taken pictures, wouldn't you? Nope. It was just too cold. Period. I tried to shovel my driveway. For 10 minutes. I'm not made for this weather. Neither is Grant. He went out for, drum roll please.....

1 minute.

I did however capture Grant entertaining himself during the snow-in.