Monday, November 25, 2013

The Fox and Santa

Well, I broke down yesterday and pulled out all the Christmas decorations. I've been re-organizing closets and shelves and decided that it really wasn't fun doing that so I put on my boots and headed out to the garage in the snow.

I usually wait for Thanksgiving to be over, but the snow and Christmas songs on teh radio threw me off. And we all know once I get an idea in my head, stay out of the way.

I am waiting on the tree, though. Until Saturday.

The boys (Aidan, Grant, Beckett and Matt) played outside and inside all day. The snow had piled so high on our porch you could sled off of it. They had a blast bringing in wet shoes and clothes all day.....

The weather on Sunday was questionable.
Even the geese were headed somewhere else.
Slowly, I might add. They all made it safely.

We drove in the driveway on Saturday and this came on.
It immediately sent me into Christmas mode and soon
thereafter the decorations came out of the garage.

G loves this song. But not enough to stop
drinking his "pink" smoothie (shake).

Still a work in progress. I'm taking down the boa.
It's not Christmasy enough. More garland and lights.
I'm sure Stephen will be thrilled....

The old Santa Head still in tact.

The newest creature. It reminded me of Dad.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Grant Ehret as John Darling Debut

Grant's play was Wednesday.

It was great!!!!!

Grant was FABULOUS. He knew his lines and actually acted the part. I was shocked. And proud. And sentimental. G really is a character and he made the whole audience laugh.

The whole family and then some came. Nannie, Aunt Dixie (from New Jersey), Aidan (who saved the day with his phone because in all of my pre play nervousness forgot my phone on the front porch), Christie, Paul, Nigel, Auntie Lauren and Janie. (Stephen planned on going to the Friday performance we did not know of until Wednesday).

We started basketball last night and have an AWESOME coach, so this season should be fun until theater rears it's head again in the Spring. Stay tuned.....

Grant in action as John Darling.

John, Peter and the kid who danced around the stage
and was hysterical.

G kept looking out the side curtains to make
sure we were there. He actually SMILED when he
saw me. He was so thrilled so many people came to
see his debut.

The cast. Plus one pushy wicked Mom who
just would not get out of the way to allow
other parents a chance to get a group photo.

Aidan and Nannie.

Aunt Dixie and Nannie.

I love this picture. It's right when he finished and
came out to greet the family.

Very proud Momma.

Janie and Auntie Lauren

Post play de-stressor. Nerf Wars. Round one
million at this point.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November Blues

November is not my favorite, except for the trees changing colors. If it weren't for that, I'd elect to skip the whole month. Memories of my Dad seem to flow like a constant river through my head in November. I took some time out on Sunday and G and I went to Panera for a bagel and to our old favorite clear your head spot, Martin Nature Park. We always have such a good time and Dad's prescence is always a little bit there when we visit.

Everyting was so beautiful at the park on Sunday.
My camera didn't do these trees justice.

Grant doing some serious scientific work.

A perfect stone skipped as I took this shot.

A little bit worn out and highly contemplative Grant.
We stopped for a minute on our hike at the gazebo on trail C.

Back home in time to play Nerf wars with the neighbor

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Veteran's Day

Grant had an optional assignment at school that asked him to honor a Veteran in his family. I texted Uncle Jimmy, the master photographer and family history buff, to help. He emailed me some old pictures and stories to help with the project.

I wish Grant could have known Granddad. He was the sweetest man around. My memory is long and I remind Grant of him every chance I get.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Aidan!!!!

Last night we FINALLY got Aidan home. He spent time in Mexico and time with his Mom and he came home last night to a belated celebration of his 11th birthday.

In normal Thornhill fashion, Aidan got to pick what he wanted for the bash.

He picked pork neck bones. And an ice cream cake.


I have no idea how to cook them, where to get them or what to serve with them.

So I winged it and made a baked potato bar. And cooked those bones for hours. Stephen came home and finished them. Apparently they have to be browned up a bit.

For the record, I do not like bones. Nor do I like the way they smell. But what is the worst about them is watching people eat them. You actually have to crack them. Pull at "joints" to get meat out. I was totally weirded out, but was pleased that G tried them and seemed to like them. He likes his with mustard.

I was happy, though. Aidan was thrilled and very appreciative and ate almost the entire plate.

I'm also happy I won't have to make them for an entire year.

The boys then went outside and had a silly string battle. Which only lasted about 3 minutes. Those cans empty out quicker than they used to. I attempted to capture teh battle, but they moved too quickly. And I got caught in the crossfire...

Here are pictures totally out of order. Oh well.

The boys, after the Silly String battle.

Dinner table. I labeled everything for your viewing
ease. It's a lot to take in. And clearly Grant was wired
up from the sparkling cider.

Aww. Lighting the candles.

The boys diggin in to the neck bones....

Happy Birthday, Aidan! We love you so much!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This year we broke our tradition of the 22nd street kids trick or treating and went to Kristie's neighborhood instead. Crown Heights really did a marvelous job and I think we'll go back next year.

Grant was a "Grim Reaper". Well, he was the ghost character from Scream that had a "bloody mask" option that G wanted.

I did not like that option.

I caved and he got it. I did NOT, however, allow him to get a knife he wanted.

Weird kid. I told him that, too. He laughed and said just joking, Mom. I just really want the long axe looking thing the reaper carries around.


What happened to superheroes? Gangsters? Giant organic banana costumes?

I miss those.

So I went as a pregnant hygienist. If you weren't aware, the past year has been a nightmare for me from a staffing standpoint because 5 of our 6 hygienists and assistants have had a baby and been on maternity leave. SO, I made a joke out of it. And everyone laughed. Even me.

Stephen getting G's bloody mask ready. Gross.

G and his bloody mask. Still gross.

The gross mask drove me to drive a nail through
my head.

Pregnant. NOT.

Candy haul review.

Crown Heights knows how to dish out the good candy.

Project #2 of the Second Grade

The Monday note had the worst news ever.

Another project.


I do not like notices that something is due in 4 days. I need more like 2-3 weeks notice. Especially when you need supplies.

Anyway, the project was pretty simple. Grant read some mystery box book at school and the task was to use a shoebox and write three clues about a secret object in the box.

Of course, I had to ask someone at work for a box and then "help" Grant cover it in construction paper in all different colors and then "guide" him in perfectly placing his foam name on the box.

And convince him that stinky socks were not the most deisrable secret object to have in a box.

We also had to get this all done by Wednesday, because Thursday night was Halloween and we had plans to trick or treat.

So here's the final project:

Family Photos 2013

I was going to blog a play by play of the most ridiculous night ever of stress preparing for family pictures, but I decided I would rather not remember the stress of the event. I'd rather focus on the joy the family brings me on a daily basis. I found some humor in the evening.

1. The boys put on each other's outfits. AND didn't know it since they are so close in sizes anymore. Obviously Aidan is taller, but otherwise, they wear the same clothes.

2. My husband, in his infinite love for me, thought it would be extra funny to put on ugly clothes for the pictures and act as if he was serious about wearing them. Looking back, it was funny. At the time, I was beside myself with frustration.

3. Grant is a funny kid. I reviewed all the photos and in some of the series of photos he's making all kinds of faces. Everyone else is smiling and focused and then there if G. Holding his breathe. Acting surprised. Acting angry. You name it, his face showed it.

I'm planning something different for next year. I don't know what, yet, but no more repeats of this year.

Grant is the clown in the family. I had no idea he was
doing this. Leigh kindly asked him to smile....He's a hoot.