Monday, December 23, 2013

Forgetful Fairies and Cake Decorating

Despite the ice storm, I managed to keep busy and complete grocery shopping before the mad rush. No one shops during an ice storm. Brilliant!

My brilliance was tested on Sunday morning when the tooth fairy *apparently* forgot to leave money under G's pillow.

Nothing like being dead asleep and having your son wake you up crying because the fairy didn't come. Dumb fairy....

Alas, I was able to *locate* her gift on the tree with the explanation that during Christmas, if a child looses a tooth, the tooth is to be kept by the child and the money is hidden in an envelope on the Christmas tree filled with glitter.

Whoosh. Problem solved.

Then I had coffee and relaxed that the fairy crisis had been adverted.

Next up was Christmas for the kids at Kristie and Eric's. We had a great brunch and the kids enjoyed their gifts and completely ignored us until they went outside and sledded on the ice covered lawn.

Aidan went off with his Mom to his Uncle's and G and I went home and made Jesus's birthday cake. He read the directions and made the whole cake. He's becoming a geat little chef...until he looses interest and then bails and runs out of the kitchen saying thanks, Mom, for finishing that up for me. Little turkey.

The magical glittered filled envelope from the Tooth Fairy.

The kids before opening their gifts at Kristie's.

After gift opening. Totally not interested in us anymore.

Decorating in full force.

Ta Da!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nita and Make Believe

Grant and I stopped by Juanita's on Sunday to take her a mini tree and her Christmas present. It's always so nice to visit her. The minute you walk in her house you feel peace and love. And Grant raids her candy bowl and fridge and stuffs himself silly. She always has V8's for me and coke's for G...not to mention cookies, ice cream and his favorite crackers. Her years with me and now with Grant can not be cherished enough and our love for her cannot be described in words. She's taken care of our family for so long. And, she looks FABULOUS for 92 years young, as she would say.

And then there's the boys below. Doing what they do. Some make believe game. Every day there is a new game with a new twist. Once again, no shrits. Looks like Aidan has picked up on G's trend.....

Grant and Juanita

"My" Nita, as we refer to her. I never liked to
share her with anyone else.

The boys in usual some form of battle mode.

The cowboy hat adds a nice touch, G.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Project Two Done!

Grant's next project was over the Olypmics. He chose track as his event to report on. I had him type out everything he could since he can't write and I cut out the pictures and he glued them on. Good team work. His oral presentation was great at home, hopefully he'll do well at school too. He gets a little nervous. I do too!

Second project of the year complete!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Cast Finale!

Tuesday I was fianlly able to get G an appointment with an orthopedist. I actually had to call in a few favors from good old Dr. Poynor to get this child taken care of. Grant went with a pink cast, for Breast Cancer Awareness (no idea). We stopped and got pizza and then zipped by Michael's to get cast sigining sharpies and materials for his upcoming project on the Olympics. (when I say "his" I mean that loosely. He can't write or cut, so he typed and I did the rest). Poor guy. He can, however, miraculously play video games. In fact, the doc asked him to play lots to help keep his fingers moving and blood flowing. His next phase of therapy is a splint and then on to dish washing, again, to keep the blood flowing and strengthen the wrist. Pretty smart doc. Dr. Emerson, in case you need a broken bone doc. He was AWESOME.

Here's G getting the final cast placed. He did great.

We went to Hideaway afterwards for pizza therapy.

Yes, I made him pose in front of the Christmas tree with his
cast. Memories, okay?

More memories. No judgements, please.
Come on. How cute is that face?

My sweet little boy. I'm so proud of him and surviving his first
"Buckle Fracture of his Ulna and Radius".

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wednsday Through Friday Morning

Last week was a mess. Weather was weird and G broke his wrist playing with the neighbor boys. G and jumped in the Camry and headed to the ER in the snow and ice covered streets. The good news for the boys was school was cancelled on Friday and they could play all day. Sort of. G winged it.

Wednesday. Grant signs his name into aftercare
Grant/Cool Guy. That's how they page him to come to
the office when I pick him up.

Thursday. Work let out early. Took me an hour to get home.
It usually takes 12 minutes. No fun.

Thursday night. Sleep over foiled by broken wrist.

Waiting in the ER for Xrays of G's right wrist.
My poor little boy.

THursday later night. Temporary cast being placed.

Thursday night later later. Cast in place. Shirt had to be removed.
Poor little guy froze with just his coat on half of his body.

Fractured Radius and Ulna. Learning our
bones and where they are the hard way.

Friday. Never thought I'd be giving G a bath again.
Brought back memories.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Decorating and a little Fuzzy's on the side

My Fuzzy's partner. The tacos are "delish"
according to G. I agree! Our new favorite

Putting up the the tree and G stopped and read this
entire little ABC book ornament I got from Wes and Imo
in 1982. I love old deocrations that have stories to be told
about each one.

I must have taken 50 pictures of the boys decorating the tree.
They so enjoyed it. And G is still in his no shirt phase. I keep
waiting for this phase to end. I promise he wears clothes outside the house.

The final product......

Ahhhhhh! I had to take this off. My OCD just couldn't
take the off balance of this creation. Neither could the Kitty.
He's a little bit ornament obsessed. Okay, a lot. It is pretty
entertaining to watch him play.

Pole Position

Stephen was so kind and sent me off to get my nails done and when I finshed up, I found the boys out and about. I met up with them at Pole Position, a mini race car track indoors. They both had a blast. I was nervous for him, but he really did a great job driving. Stephen wasn't so shabby himself. I did not race. I stayed safely behind the gates, thank you very much.

Photo bomber Grant. I was trying to capture
Stephen before his race.

Ready to roll out!
Epic Captain is the name he choose
for himself. First place on round one.