Monday, September 24, 2012

One Productive Weekend

I've been bugging Stephen to make me the flower box for our front porch he promised me for a few weeks now and Saturday he finally caved and made it. Grant and Aidan were with their Dad and Mom most of Saturday, so we were able to actually be productive without interruption, which is a rarity around our house, especially after enduring a sleep over with 5 boys the night before.

He even hung up my OSU flag! (I'm getting him an OU one,
just couldn't find one yet)




 Sunday we started on Aidan's new school project (the 4th grade will totally wear you out, so get ready). I quickly realized that if you give boys spray paint, they'll be busy for hours. After they finished the "project", they decided they should spray paint some extra bricks I had laying around. And some wood. And then they found a hammer and started banging up the wood they found and painted. Boys!

Grant assisting Aidan spray paint his medieval weapon
ball thing.

Happy boys making a mess. Notice Jack crashed
out in the yard behind them? Even he was worn out.

We ended the weekend with a belated birthday dinner for Grant at Janie and Auntie Lauren's. Taco's, cupcakes and presents. The boys ran all over Janie's house and played with Buff and Febe while we got to catch up with Lauren. 
Grant acted like he was blowing the candles out
again so I could get a picture.
Chocolate Cupcakes. G's favorite.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Warning: Kindle Fire will keep your child up all night

It's 1:00 in the MORNING last night and I woke up and did my usual insomnia check of Grant and Aidan. Everyone knows I rarely sleep through the night, which is usually a bummer, but last night it actually paid off.

I caught this sweet little boy playing his Kindle Fire at 1:11am.

1:11AM OMG!

I looked at him and said, "G, what are you doing?

G: "Uh, I had a bad dream."

Me: "When?"

G: "I don't know. It was about a, ummm, monster. A monster that tried to eat us."

Me: "G, have you been to sleep tonight?"

G: "Yes." (He's lying at this point)

Me: "You made a very bad choice and tomorrow is going to be terrible for you. Turn that thing off."

G: "Okay."

Seriously? Could he be any cuter?

That's G with the infamous Kindle Fire, listening
to Justin Bieber "If I was Your Boyfriend"
So, you can only imagine how this morning went when it was time to wake up and get ready for school. He fell back asleep three times before I even left for work. This should make for a very long day for him. No more Kindle Fire in the evenings now. Be warned, Kindle Fire's are addictive if you're a 7 year old boy. Someone should have warned me.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taco Tuesday

The boys turn to "cook" dinner was last night. Instead of actually cooking, one of them decided a better idea would be Dorito Taco Loco's from Taco Bell.

Um. No. Not really.


Stephen and I tried to sway them another direction. Any direction. But no. The boys stuck to their plan and we all ate these crazy tacos.

Taco Tuesday.....waugh waugh.

Grant. In the process of going loco from the taco

Aidan. I have no idea. He just struck a pose.
He must have gone loco from the taco.

Needless to say, we have vetoed any future endeavors of fast food for kids night to cook. They will actually cook from now on.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Frontier City, 2012

Off we went to Frontier City for the second annual celebration of Grant's birthday. It's the perfect time of year for Frontier City because most people are busy at the Fair, so there were very few lines. We rode roller coasters, Log Rides, Rapids Ride, and all got soaking wet....excpet for Stephen. He was kind enough to stay behind and capture all of us getting soaked.  This year I learned that I'll be kind enough to stay behind and take pictures next year.

At Sunday Brunch. It's Kristy's birthday too!

Grant dancing to Justin Bieber

Still dancing

Dancing while showing his muscles....

The boys waiting on the Log Ride

Right before **I**get soaking wet. Do NOT
sit in the back on these rides. Trust me.

See. I'm all wet and we had only been there 5 minutes.

In line with G. This ride did not get you all wet!
Right before we get

And Just like that, Grant was 7

Time has flown by. My little Biscuit has grown up and now has become a 7 year old boy. No more Biscuit and Punky or any of the million other names I've nicknamed him down through the years. He now goes by "G". He wanted a crab boil for his birthday dinner and a chocolate cake.
Happy Birthday, my sweet boy. I couldn't love anyone

G's new Kindle Fire. The greatest gift idea ever
for a 7 year old boy. (Thanks, Stephen)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

Grant had his follow up with Dr. Thompson on Monday. He was in rare form and extremely hyper. And, as luck would have it, the doctor was running behind. After being with a sick kiddo for days on end, the last thing you can handle is a waiting quietly at the doctor's. Grant was all over the place. In chairs, on the floor, out in the hall. OMG. Doc said G wasn't worse, that he still had pneumonia  and his sweet little ear drum had indeed ruptured. Looking at this child is totally deceptive. Does he look sick to you?

Seriously. He's such a ham. This was the one
SECOND he was still during the visit.

This is his reaction to one of my many warnings
to be good and be still and be quiet.

And then he does this. Lays down with me to watch  a
movie and tells me how much he loves his Mommy.
To the moon and back again, my sweet little boy.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Donuts, the real reason

Sunday was day three of sick Grant and it was time for some normalcy. We went to church. I might add that Aidan and I were motivated. Grant and Stephen, not so much. G went mainly because he had no other options, Aidan went because he wanted donuts( 3 donuts, I might add) and his friend Jaxon wanted to go with us (he also goes for donuts and ate 3 of them). Stephen went because he's a wonderful man and tries to make me happy. Regardless, we all went and had a nice time and learned things about God's promise. We followed up with brunch at Bellini's. It was a good morning. The afternoon was a bit difficult when Stephen nixed the TV and games and made everyone play outside, but in the end, it worked out.

Don't be deceived. Aidan has a donut behind his back.

Two donuts in at this point. Grant actually ate half
of one. A record for him.

Grant climbing around outside Bellini's. Still sick.
Doesn't look it, but he sure did have a bad
attitude. He had some eggs and perked right up.

The boys during brunch. Very little time was spent
at the actual table by the boys.

Stephen and I enjoying some sort of alone time
while the boys played on the rocks.

"Pneumonie" : Day 2

So, about the comment Dr. Thompson mentioned about tying Grant down so he would rest...

I couldn't make the boy rest. The most rest he had was playing the XBox. He was up and down and running around. He coughed and coughed and complained his ear hurt, but other than that, he acted fine. Strange.

There were lots of forts made, movies and shows watched, pictures drawn and general complete and total me. It was constantly, Mom or Stephen, can I have, can I go, will you get, why, why not, pleeeeaaasssee, I don't want, but Mommmmm. And, the house was destroyed. Every time one room was picked up, another one was destroyed. Did I mention the neighbor boys came over too. That always helps with a mess. 4 boys. One small house. It's still a wreck.

We did our favorite crab boil night for the boys in hopes it would make everyone feel better.

The table is set for our boil. The boys love it.
We realized now we have to get more crab. They've
finally figured out how to eat it correctly.

Love this picture.

How sweet is this? Aidan and Grant getting some
air and walking to the Superette for a treat.

My horribly sick (see, I told you he doesn't act sick)
boy driving by my office. Stephen took care of him
while I was at the office.

This was taken Saturday. G loves Jack.


Grant was diagnosed with pneumonia (he keeps telling everyone he has pneumonie, can't say it correctly) last Thursday. He was so brave and didn't cry once when he had his blood taken and then his chest xrayed. Dr. Thompson told me to try and get him to rest and laughed and said "Good luck, you'll probably have to tie him down".

Grant exhibits very unusual behaviour when he is sick. He exhibits no behaviour. He didn't act sick at all. Even the doctor was shocked and went into the hallway to tell everyone. Not only did he have pneumonia, he had a bad ear infection as well. So off we went to spend the next few days at home. Friday was parent teacher conference, so he didn't miss too much school. (Which, Grant is doing very well in school. The only issue he seems to be having is chewing on his shirt or shoelaces *Yuck and I have no idea why* and sitting in his chair correctly. He's been spending some time standing behind his chair when he can't focus).

Just after his blood was drawn and after his
chest xrays were taken. So proud of my little
brave boy!

As soon as we got home. Stephen didn't feel well
either. Quite the household we were.

I seemed to do just fine at the resting thing. I watched
G play xbox ski something forever.

The boys. Not resting.

The living room..aka the fort