Friday, April 26, 2013

Mud, Muffins and Festivals

Mrs. Grizzle sent me a text earlier this week with a picture of Grant that was taken after recess.

The text said this is what happens when GRANT
doesn't follow directions at recess.

NOT GOOD. Stephen was kind enough to take him clothes.
This morning I was able to attend muffins with Mom at G's*** school. I stayed for the Friday assembly and think I'm just now regaining my hearing. I stopped by Grant's class to look at some art he recently made.

He thinks I can cook. No wait, I can help cook and
clean. He really loves me for the video games, though.
 I had to zip back to work but Aidan had a performance singing at the Arts Festival today. Grant and Stephen went and sent me back some pictures of the fun I was missing. :(

Grant, Charlie and Aidan.

Funny boys. Aidan's good friend Charlie is in the pink.

**Grant now does not want to be addressed by "G". He prefers that we call him Theodore. He mentioned this at dinner the other evening. Apparently he really likes Leave it to Beaver. He said we could call him the Beave, if we wanted to. What a hoot.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Row, Row, Row the Laundry Basket?

Grant has continued on his path of humor throughout the week. He's really developed this sort of dry, dead pan kind of wit about him. In many ways it reminds me of my Dad.

Anyway, I caught him in the hallway a few days ago singing row row row your boat while scooting himself around in the laundry basket.

The next evening he wrangled in Aidan, but Stephen put an end to it because they were scratching the floor. So, Grant arranged this, instead.

Row Row Row your brother. GENTLY, please,
down the hallway.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lots and Lots of Cousins

This past Sunday my cousins, Rachel, Juampa and Velda, were on route to Alaska and stopped by Oklahoma for a visit. I never get to see them, so we were thrilled. We met up at my other cousins house, Mike and Emily's, so all the cousins could play. And, lucky for the kids, Mike had just assembled a new trampoline the evening before.

Lukey, Aidan, Grant, Velda, Leah and Hannah

This was when we asked them to make a silly face.

Rach and Me. The sweetest cousin ever.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sentences, Storms and Enchilada's

Wednesday night was a busy one. I came home from work to learn that Grant has been "disruptive" at school, yet again. This time is was his shoes. Apparently he took them off and was kicking them around and not paying attention. G is notorious for Spring Fever and it has arrived. Good thing school is almost over for the year.

Here he is sitting writing in his "sentence book", as that's
the most effective way of getting him to stop a behavior.
Today's sentence was: I will not remove my shoes at school.
He wrote it 15 times, however I believe he got up and
walked around and was social at least 16 times....

See. Slow going. Totally un-interested in
being held accountable for actions.  

After sentences we watched the bad weather on TV. You can't tell anymore when the weather is actually really bad or if it's just the weathermen. Stephen kept a close eye on the storms and determined we could indeed partake in the Wednesday family Chelino's night.

Bad Weather.

Stephen, my little storm tracking husband. *
*Notice we are in the back room. Where the boys
should be. We got kicked out of the
living room, yet again, so they could play
XBox. I think the XBox is the boss of our house lately.

Chelino's Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ice Cream Monday

Spring has started and the dreaded wonderful sound of the ice cream truck has flooded our neighborhood. Our sweet, relatively new neighbors, the Sullivants (whom I went the elementary school with and high school) treated the whole  gang of kids to ice cream.


I remember the ice cream truck well. I freaked out trying to get someone, anyone, to give me money and quickly before the truck passed. It was a high anxiety memory for me, actually. Harrell always forked over some money for me (he rarely told me no). He would have so enjoyed watching the boys yesterday enjoy their ice cream.

But, he would have had a heart attack at the inflation. 6 kids ice cream cost poor Whitney $15.



Anyway, the boys had a blast an immediately jumped into the back of Stephen's truck to enjoy their treats.

This was them posing with silly faces. Thanks, Beckett, for
actually listening. There's baby Thomas, tanner's brother, in his lap.
It was his first Popsicle.

The 22nd Street Boys
Aidan, Beckett, Thomas, Grant, Tanner and Matt

Monday, April 15, 2013

A "Boys" Weekend

I was reviewing our weekend photos and it dawned on me the entire weekend was filled with boy stuff. 
Saturday Uncle Rich and Aunt Dixie came for a visit in their fancy old car. Of course Rich told me what it was and when it was built, but all I heard was "car" and thought is was shiny and pretty.


Dixie and Rich

Grant got in, too. He thought is was very cool.
 Sunday we went to church and then out of nowhere, Stephen decides to **STOP** watching the Master's and take us all fishing.

He bought very smelly bait.

The boys (except for G, he wouldn't dare touch it. He ran from it, actually) all smelled like the smelly bait.

We did not catch anything.

I broke one of Stephen's weird fishing poles. Some kind of fancy something or rather. You have to hold it upside down or something.

I don't know. I won't be using it again......

We left the lake, without any fish, with two smelly boys and me. We were headed to Chelino's when I jokingly said, hey, do you want Hooter's instead?

Smart thinking.....

Grant immediately got excited and there was no changing his mind. So off we went to Hooter's.

The boys. And me. At Hooter's all wind blown
and at a table with smelly catfish bait boys.

Grant was SO excited. And SO embarrassed.
This is our waitress, Anna. She was very kind
to Grant, although he couldn't look at her when he
spoke and was bright red the whole time.

Grant, reviewing the note she wrote to him.
Aidan was totally not interested. He was too busy
coloring his menu.

I was proud of Aidan. He wasn't a big fan of ladies wearing clothes like that and felt it was degrading to woman. I appreciate his heart and consciousness. Grant on the other hand, since he was 3, loves "outfits" like that. I remember coming home from his first Thunder game and he asked if I could cook dinner in one of their outfits with the tall boots, too. Some things never change, I guess.

I'm in for a world of hurt come  his teen age years....

Pretty funny. He asked me to put this in his memory
book. He wants to call her when he's 18!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Texting in Style

We ran to Target after brunch a last weekend and Aidan had to have a pair of sunglasses, which led to Grant having to have a pair of sunglasses, too.

I was the one who went in for sunglasses, for the record.

The boys and their stylish shades. Apparently the 1980's
have made a comeback....

And in other news, Grant has learned how to text a little bit. He's using an old Razor flip phone that has three letters to every number. I can't believe how far technology has come. I still can't text on his phone. It takes me forever.

He sent me this:

And it begins.........

Friday, April 5, 2013


Grant and Aidan frantically called me into their room yesterday afternoon. I reluctantly went in, because half the time they want nothing or are just being silly, but I went in yesterday.

I saw this:

Aidan tied a jump rope around Grant and had
him repelling down the bunk bed rail.
 I love their imagination and made sure Grant was able to breathe. It looks terribly uncomfortable. He assured me he was fine, but could I please put this photo on the blog? 

They're on to me. Pretty cute, though.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Proud Momma

Grant came home with great grades and a very sweet note from his teacher.

I'm a proud Momma.

And then he came home yesterday and had been in trouble for "bear hugging" people all day. How do you get mad at that? I guess that's what peanut butter easter egss will do to you when you have them for breakfast.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

The bunny showed up on Sunday before we headed off to church to celebrate the Resurrection.  The boys were thrilled. Not so much with the candy but more with the Champion under shirts they got. I'm at a loss about this phenenom, but boys this age love Under Armor stuff.

Church went well, we convinced the boys to go to Sunday School instead of big church. Aidan managed to down seven donuts this week......

Then we were off to Easter Egg hunts and brunches and lunches and dinners. We're so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives.

My boys after church. Before the nice clothes came off.

My sweet boys
I snapped  a quick one of us. I didn't like any of the ones
 the boys took.

G on the hunt at Nene and Mike's

Brunch at Nene's and Mike's. I should have taken the
photo from the other side and then you could actually SEE
the kids faces and not the sun in their eyes

Easter Egg Hunt number two. We went to Janie and Auntie Lauren's
brother's/Uncle house, Jimmy. The boys had a great time.

Kristy and Jaxon joined us, too. We were so glad they came.
They are a part of the family. It takes a Village!

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Guess what?

I was off work for Good Friday and.....I did NOT get sick! I had a great night with the boys and a great Friday with the boys and Stephen. It was nice to be healthy again and have energy to do things. The family met Nannie at Maundy Thursday service  in the Chapel. It was the first time for Aidan and Stephen and it was a very emotional and profound service. Grant even sat still and was quiet! God must have been present for that to happen :)

The boys on the car ride to church. Get ready for Grant's
tongue. It appears in almost every photo this weekend. Aidan, on the
other hand, knows how to pose for the camera appropriately.

We stopped by Sushi Neko on the way home. In typical family fashion, Aidan ordered Octopus (blegh), Grant spaghetti and rice (weird) and Stephen and I split some excellent Yellow Fin Tuna Sushi. (We've taken a bit of a liking to the new show "Wicked Tuna" and were inspired).

Friday I was able to sleep in and take Grant to school. He requested I meet him for lunch and bring him Sonic. I did. Because he has me wrapped around his finger.

Chili cheese tots, corn dog and apples. With a blue
slushy. Sorry Mrs. Grizzle........

Umm, so this is ONE table in the cafeteria. This room
was hands down the loudest room I've EVER been in. EVER.
A room filled with Kindergartner's and First Graders. Ba-na-nas.

 After what seemed like an extraordinary lunch break of loudness, I regained my hearing and stopped by G's classroom while he headed to recess. I snapped a few photos of his art work.

So, I've learned one major lesson from being married.
COMPROMISE. Anyone who knows me knows this makes my skin crawl,
but I'm pleased G is making the effort to "support" the other team,
since Aidan and Stephen like them. I remain strong. GO POKES!

This was just cute. A party in a tree. I like his imagination.