Monday, August 29, 2011

Red Hawks and Teeth

Grant had an eventful weekend. I picked him up from school on Friday and he bit down wrong on a Pop tart...anyway, his tooth hurt and he wanted it out. Immediately. He didn't care who pulled it or how. So I drove him to the office, put on Cartoon Network, placed a little numbing gel on his gums and got his tooth out on the third try. He did great. So great, in fact, he continued eating his Pop tart on the way home.

Eating Jello
The tooth fairy came, yet again, and left a different color fairy dust. Grant believes this one was a boy, because the dust was shiny brown. I'm not even going to tell you how much he got for that tooth. Apparently the tooth fairy didn't get by the ATM to get smaller bills, so he lucked out.
Sunday we went with my Sunday school's group to the Red Hawks game. One of our classmates has a suite, so the parents were able to watch from the air conditioned room and the kids watched from outside. They had so much fun. We all did.

Grant, Madeline, Jack, Susannah, David, Ellie

Cooper came and knocked on our door. Grant was shocked!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All Better

Pre-Oral Sedation

Grant had his surgery last week. Everything went well. Including me. I know, everyone was surprised I didn't flip right out. I only cried once, when he came out of recovery. He had a little IV and was totally out of it. He came around in no time and was up playing in the afternoon.
Post Oral-Sedation.


My poor little angel. I was worried out of my mind. What you can't see is the
IV in his hand.

Just as I thought, he reacted oppositely of what was expected. He wanted to walk around once his meds kicked in, chit chat with people. The other children were quiet and about asleep. After we got home, he was wide awake. He didn't go to sleep until 11:00 that night.


I couldn't believe it. I was exhausted, as I spent the night before the surgery worrying about it. Once he did finally fall asleep, he didn't stay asleep. I felt like I had a newborn. Up every 2 hours.

See full size image

We also played Operation. Over and over again.  See full size image

See full size image

      Between Go Fish, Operation (2 different versions), Slap Jack, Bingo and Checkers, I've had enough games for awhile. Notice there is no mention of Wii? That's right everyone. I stuck to it and didn't cave. Grant is still not allowed to play Wii until he's 6.
By Sunday, he was back to normal.

Notice he isn't wearing a shirt? Grant has entered a new phase on not wanting to wear clothes  He's perfectly content in underwear. He thinks it's funny to run outside when I'm watering and shake his rear end. I have no explanation for the neighbors who witness this. My poor neighbors. They've seen it all.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hard to Explain

I picked up Grant from school on Monday and looked through his usual pile of things to take home. I came across one of his drawings and asked what it was.

Now, don't judge.....

"The guy on the left is at Buffalo Wild Wings eating a spicy pizza
and the guy on the right is at Hooter's eating wings".

Clearly it would appear I am a bad parent if he can accurately draw menu items from these restaurants. I'd like to go on record he has never gone to these places with his Mommy. I asked him to keep narratives like this under his hat and  between us. I can't even begin to think how I would explain this to his teachers.

Grant "The Heater" Ehret

Grant's t-ball season officially ended Monday. It was bitter sweet as we lost half of the season to the summer heat or hail or downed power lines from wind. Very strange summer indeed.

Receiving his medal for the season

Part of the team that made it to the last game

Grant was nicknamed the "Heater".

Laine's Party

This past weekend we went to Laine's 2nd birthday party. It's been so fun to watch Laine grow and become her own little person. There's something special about being friends with someone so long as Brooke and I have been and then to get to watch them become a parent. I was the first one in our "group" to have a child and it's nice to finally have a friend who is on the same journey as I am as a parent.

Happy Birthday Laine and Brooke and Dru!
Laine taking it all in with Nana
Birthday Girl!
Milk and Cookies, Brooke style

Grant immediately joined the party. That's Madeline, Laine's cousin,
in the pool with him.

Of course Nana bought Laine a mini pink golf cart, which was the hit
of the party.

Grant and his excellent grip and golf stance

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sick of being Sick

Poor Grant. He hasn't been himself and I decided to take him to our regular doctor on Wednesday morning.

And....the newest diagnosis is......

Conjunctivitis. Both eyes. So now, Grant is taking some medicine every few hours, most of them FOUR times a day. Four times. Drops in ears and eyes and antibiotic. Bless his heart. He's a trooper.

Just some of our "meds". Grant reminds me every morning
to be sure and not forget his medicine for school.
Little responsible guy!

Since we couldn't go back to school for 24 hours, we stayed home and watched movies. At least for a  few hours. And then the "Moooommmm, I'm so bored. There's nothing to do. What can I do?"

Followed by "I leary leary leary leary wish I could play Wii. Can I? Please? You know I'm sick, right?"

Oh my gosh. He drove me bananas. BA-NA-NAS.

He made me lunch. This entertained him for about 10 minutes.
Nice presentation for a 5 year old.

Trying to convince him he does indeed have a million and one
toys he can actually play with.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Urgent Care....

Yesterday we met Matt for breakfast at Jimmy's Egg. Grant didn't look well, but I didn't think much of it. I should have noticed something when he said his sausage was "too crunchy" to eat. Crunchy sausage? I figured he was doing his usual make an excuse as to why I can't something. It's usually "too spicy, hot or nasty  (we learning not to use that word, we "don't care for it" instead)".

Later that day I asked if his ears hurt and looked at me like I was an idiot. He said, Yea, both of them really hurt bad. I had no idea.  I made him his very own favorite cheese pizza for lunch hoping this would take his mind off his ears. He took one bite and said it made his stomach hurt. I told him no it didn't.

He very seriously explained to me that his throat hurt "leary, leary badly" and he couldn't eat.


This would have been helpful information this morning. It was almost 2 by this time. I immediately grabbed the flashlight and looked at his throat. It was not good. I packed him up and off to Urgent Care we went.

Double ear infections and possible strep throat. And, to add more stress, he's allergic to every antibiotic they can safely give children. He ended up with a medication that may not fight one of the strains of bacteria, but it should knock out the throat troubles. The tubes and adenoid surgery can't come fast enough. Poor little guy.

Waiting on the doctor. He NEVER lies down.

Later that night. Feeling better.

The Aquarium

Saturday was a busy one for us. We went with Matt and his family to the Oklahoma Aquarium to celebrate Matt's mom's birthday.  We stopped in Stillwater for lunch at a Chinese restaurant and Grant got a corn dog. He cracks me up. He didn't want Chinese food for lunch because he didn't "care for it" (thanks, Nannie, for trying to help along with manners) but when we went to Bryan's birthday dinner later that evening at a Japanese Steak  House, he was all in. He ate more steak than I did.

With about 10 detours and numerous sighs from me we arrived at the aquarium. I was attempting to follow Matt's brother while avoiding road blocks and closures. Grant thought it was fun to try and  "find" Matt's brother's car. I did not. And, in usual Ashley fashion, I flipped out because I couldn't keep up and didn't know where we were going. I eventually recovered when we finally made it into the Aquarium.

Ray & Robin Siegfried Families Shark Adventure
The Shark Exhibit was Amazing. Grant loved it.

Grant in the Shark Cage

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rain...and Hail

It seems like anytime it rains anymore, it hails. I  just got my car repaired from the last bad storm, that very few people got caught in, by the way, only to get  home on Wednesday just as the first piece of hail fell.

My car was safe under the car port this time.

I was so relieved.

Grant and I went and sat on the porch and watched it rain. We haven't seen a storm in so long. Grant actually was singing in the rain!

It dropped from 107 degrees to 77 degrees in 20 minutes!
That's cold to us these days!


The "Hail"

Monday, August 1, 2011

Good Friends

We went to the Demarino's new place Saturday night, along with our neighbors and their kids. It was just like old times and the kids played non-stop! Grant ate 2 hot dogs, which is a first. I usually have to beg him to eat.

Tate, Big Grant, Jillian, Gabbie, Little Grant, Jack
Tate's first time to be pushed in.

Old Pro

Today was the first day of school. Grant got up this morning, got dressed and even managed some Wii time before we had to leave. He picked out his own outfit and told me how to fix his hair. I'm so proud of my little big boy!