Monday, October 31, 2011

Greatest Homecoming in the Nation

Grant and I went to Stillwater on Saturday morning and watched the Homecoming Parade and then spent the rest of the day walking around campus, looking at house decs and enjoying the day. Grant loved Theta pond and the flower maze.

And, OSU beat Baylor something terrible. YEA!!!!  (59-24)


President Hargis leading the Parade!

Grant walking through Theta Pond

Grant Walking through the flower maze, he's way on
the other side

We ran into and old classmate of Grant's, Ana
One of Mommy's old Hang Outs...
Go Pokes!

We stopped by Eskimo Joe's, of course

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tummy aches to Transformers

Of course last weekend was a great opportunity for numerous great pictures.  We went to Jack's birthday party (next door neighbor) where Grant had the *very worst day of his entire life*. Meanwhile, I thoroughly enjoyed myself while watching OSU defeat Missouri on Mike's big screen tv. All the original neighborhood kids were back together again and I took NO photos. I was completely engaged in the game.

Sunday we went to Edie Jane's moon bounce party. Did I mention I LOST Grant twice in one day? Yes. Once at church, of all places, and once at Edie's birthday. I've quickly learned Grant has his own little agenda and doesn't realize he needs to let others know what he is doing. I was convinced he'd fallen in the pond at Edie Jane's and was drowning somewhere (I watched a lifetime movie the day before about a little boy drowning, which added significantly to my all ready over reactiveness). Really, though, Grant had welcomed himself inside Edie's grandparents house to look for more toys. Great.

So this week I took pictures, but nothing of great importance. Little Angel got super sick at four in the morning Thursday and had to stay home with me. He got the tummy bug. He hasn't thrown up since he was 6 months old. We were both a little taken a back. Grant said it made perfect sense because he was hot. Um, okay, probably has nothing to do with the nasty tummy bug making it's way around OKC right now, does it?

He woke up today ready for trick or treating at school, costume and all.

Before the Virus

The Virus has lifted. All better!

Bumblebee Transformer (aka Grant)

Mommy dressed up in her Pep Club Uniform
from High school. Still fits. ???

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Weekend of Pictures

Grant trying to catch the pass from Beckett

Enjoying yet another Zoo snow cone (I had a work
function there this weekend)

Playing Football with Beckett

Charlie Sheen Wig
Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon (81) dives over Texas’ Carrington Byndom (23) to make the score 13-7 on Saturday. Texas had a lot of missed opportunities during Saturday’s loss. Cowboys quarterback Brandon Weeden passed for 218 yards while Texas’ David Ash was 22-for-40 passing for 139 yards with no touchdowns and two turnovers.
And of Course, OSU beat Texas. Kind of Barely.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shots, lots of them

Grant had his big appointment with the allergist on Wednesday. It started out great. Giggling and all.

He had his usual chocolate milk and scones from Starbucks while we waited.
Spoiled boy!

The nurse came in and drew a grid chart on Grant's arm and stuck him with a tack like object four times and he handled it great, no problem.

Then the terrible kicked in. I mean terrible. 3 shots. You would have thought the boy was getting sliced from head to toe the way he screamed and cried and kicked.

It was awful.

I had to hold the boy down while he pleaded with me to not let them do it to him. His eyes got all blood shot from the strain of trying to escape my hold on him. He's a very strong little boy.

After the "first series" of shots, he was administered 2 more. I thought they were joking when they came and asked if we were ready for two more shots. There was no way any of us were going to go through that again, but Grant surprised me. He just held out his arm and told me to be quiet.

So I was quiet. And he took the shots. And we went back to playing our 100th game of Uno that morning while waiting to see if he was going to blow up like a balloon.

Better. I did not capture any photos of his complete and total melt down.
I was too busy trying to hold him down for the nurse.
After four hours of allergy bliss, we were done. For now. We have to go back and stay for yet another 4-6 hours while they give him an oral (YES, oral. NO MORE SHOTS, thank God) dose every twenty minutes.  Hopefully he will not react  and we'll finally be able to treat him successfully for any illnesses that may come his way.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Quote for Today

"Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Now we have no jobs, no cash and no hope."

Peace and Quiet

We finally had a weekend that wasn't jam packed with places to go. Of course part of that was due to a tummy bug I had, but it was nice to just be home. It rained and rained. Of course we watched the OU Texas game. Unfortunately, Texas lost. Huge bummer. But, OSU beat Kansas, which helped with the Longhorn sadness. Grant played with the neighbors all weekend.  We stopped by Nene's and Mike's to celebrate October birthdays. Edie Jane immediately put on her Princess dress we got her. She walked in and Grant opened her present for her. What a turkey. Nene cooked a fab meal, as usual. Recipes thanks to the Pioneer Woman ( Grant ate his "steak" (beef tenderloin) with ketchup. What a mess. He totally ruined a great piece of meat with ketchup. He did ask for steak sauce first, though. Edie also had ketchup with her steak.

Grant and Edie. Very stylish couple.

Playing in the Rain

Friday, October 7, 2011

Spoiled Little Thing

Grant lucked out yesterday when Auntie Lauren surprised him at school and took him to the zoo. Apparently his jaw dropped and he was very proud to introduce AUNT LAUREN to his teacher, not just Lauren. She sent me a few pictures of their trip to the zoo. I think he could give tours at this point.

Grant talked Auntie Lauren into several snacks. He was "Starving"!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Festivals and the Zoo

Once again Grant and I had a big weekend. Now that it's bearable outside again, we're making up for lost summer time. We went to the Czech Festival in Yukon and the Zoo on Sunday. We had fun, but once again, I'm worn out. He is not.

Last weekend with Connor at the Zoo

He's in the second on the inside, all smiles

Our friends Kennedy, Grant and Presley with her Dad

Moving Rocks in the Kid River

He insisted I take his picture on this thing

Roller Coaster