Thursday, December 29, 2011


Taken from my daily Purpose Drive Life:

But make sure that you don't get so absorbed and exhausted in taking care of all your day-by-day obligations that you lose track of the time and doze off, oblivious to God.” (Romans 13:11 MSG)

We manage time; we waste time. We spend time; we save time. We wish the time would come; we wish the time would pass. We see time fly; we feel time drag. We watch clocks and carry calendars, creating the illusion that we somehow control time, yet all the while moments flow forward like a mighty river that cannot be stopped, harnessed, or re-routed.

Yet, God controls time. He created time and we, his creations, are fenced by his time, directed and guided by his holy and loving hand. The year 2012 is a gift of time from God.

How will you use it?

I remember talking to  Dad last year at this very time, discussing 2011. I was just so sure "next year" would be better than 2010. I think we both wanted to believe that.  Dad had a terrible ending to 2010 and I always tried to focus on tomorrow, things will get better.

Things got worse.  Life got hard. The battle became too much.

And now he's gone. There are no more tomorrows for him.  Or New Year's to contemplate about.

Time is fleeting. There is no more time with my Dad. Just one sided talks with an urn.

I have a new perspective of "time".  Time with loved ones. Time spent in quiet reflection and grief. Time spent in prayer. Time watching Grant grow and experience life.

Hopefully 2012 will bring new joys and less sorrows.  Although the sorrow in my heart is no where near over,  there is still the idea that things will indeed get better.

Happy New Year, Dad. I miss you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A few lost photos from the break...

I went to lay down in Grant's bed the other day (he was watching a movie in my room) and looked up and saw this:

Grant put the Good guy on one side and the Bad guys on the other
in the rafters of his bunk bed.

And this is how I found him when I went into my room
to ask hm about it. Apparently the laundry basket is
more comfortable than bed.....

Christmas Continued

After we opened our presents, it was off to Jane and Auntie Lauren's for brunch.

Grant was given an automatic Nerf machine gun.

It's loud.

And shoots bullets faster than I can blink.     All over the place.....and someone won't pick them up.

We spent time with Nene and Mike Christmas Eve and watched Ms. Edie Jane sing on the Karaoke machine, which is also loud, but I don't have to worry because it went home with Edie Jane.

We stopped to look at the lights at Chesapeake, which were fabulous!

I can't get these to turn around. They're still pretty, though.

We visited Laine, too. Grant got a bow and arrow from Laine.
He loves it.
Grant's favorite toy so far. Laser Guns, Seriously. Look at
his face.
Grant singing at Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Morning

Be nice. This was the only photo I could get of the two us first thing Christmas morning.

Grant woke up at 7:30 and looked at me and whispered, Merry Christmas, Mom. Now let's go!

He jumped up and down and was so excited with all of his presents. He was confused as to why Santa didn't fill my stocking. He looked down and said, "You must have been bad".

Like Monopoly

Grant had a Christmas program right before he left town to celebrate the holiday with his Kansas family. He had a special part this year, having his very first solo. Here's a few clips of the program:

PS- He's singing Jingle Bells in partial Japanese.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Steak Sauce and People Skills

I took Grant to Outback Steakhouse last night. He's been sick with a cold that just isn't getting better fast enough and I decided he needed a steak. I know, that's weird. It occurred to me that I never buy meat. Ever. It's always fish chicken or ground turkey. And this little boy LOVES steak. Loves it. With steak sauce. Since I don't know how to cook steak and I don't have a grill, I went to the only steak place I could think of that was family friendly and relatively inexpensive.

We walked in the door and the greeter looked at Grant and said "Are you ready for Christmas?"

Grant just looked at her. I kindly replied, yes, he is.

Grant looked at me and then said to the greeter, "I know exactly what Christmas is about. It's about family more than presents and Jesus's birthday and Santa Clause knowing whether your are good or bad".

The greeter was speechless. As was I. He most certainly does know about Christmas. I'm so glad all of my efforts are paying off to teach Grant the real reason behind Christmas. That was the best gift he could have given me.

We get seated at our table and after the waiter introduces himself as Sam. Grant asks him why our table is the only one without a light that works. I hadn't even noticed.

Sam kindly fixed it.

Grant ordered a steak with apples and as Sam was walking away, Grant shouted "Sam, don't forget the steak sauce, please".

I ordered this,  

which, Grant ate half of because his "steak was too spicy."

Great. Glad we went to a *steak* place and you eat *my* fish.

I was astounded with Grant's ability to speak with people last night. He was very respectful to our waiter. Sam asked  Grant a question and when Grant's mouth was full, he placed his hand in front of his mouth while he answered his question. And as we left, Grant yelled out halfway across the restaurant, "Bye Sam and thank you". Sam turned around and yelled back bye and you're welcome.

 I realized last night just how impressionable he is and what a little independent thinker he has become. And sincere and concerned about people and their feelings. Sincerity can't be taught. I strive to teach him the difference between right and wrong, good and bad choices, but at the end of the day when 's grown up, he'll be left to make those choices without me. I can only hope I get those core values in him now, and based on last night's behavior, I feel very good about this little boy and his character in the future.

I live by the words my Dad left me and I will pass that along to Grant: "You always know the right thing to do, it won't always be the easy thing to do and may be too hard to do, but it's the right thing." I know if Dad were here to see this little boy finally coming into his own actions and decisions, he would be so proud. We miss you, Dad.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Developments

Grant has been a busy little boy and I've been so "busy" I've neglected to post some of his newest achievements. So here's a photo gallery of his work:

We set up Grant's table in my room so he could watch
Alvin and the Chipmunks while he painted.

Grant's first grocery list. He was so proud.

And, the pink sheets. These indicate that Grant got into
some type of trouble at school. His punishment was to write any
sentence he wanted over and over. How can I get upset with this?
Smart little boy.

This week is no uniform week. This is his outfit
he chose this morning. Skinny jeans *I bought by
accident*, dress shoes and a vest.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Events

We looked at Christmas lights on the way home from Grant's pajama party at school on Friday night. Some of the houses in our neighborhood are stunning and pictures just don't do them justice.

 We went to Emma's birthday party on Saturday and Grant once again wore a jacket and tie, with jeans this time. It was a bouncing party, so I was able to convince him bouncing in a suit wouldn't be as fun.  Here is playing air hockey with Olivia's Dad. He challenges him every party we go to.

Here's the full outfit. He's wearing my Dad's scarf.
OKC's most eligible Kindergartner.

Monday, December 5, 2011

OSU Takes Back Bragging Rights!

That's right. OSU totally embarrassed my very least favorite football team on Saturday night.

Final Score     OSU 44 - OU 10

Every year I'm subjected to the cocky attitude of every OU fan I come in contact with, which is why, when we won so BIG, I made a very big deal out of it.
Grant and I watched the first PART of the game at Auntie Jessica's and Bryan's, but went home mid 2nd quarter. They're OU fans and they didn't seem excited about the game quite like I was. It was nice of them to even let us in the door with our orange! And, it was sort of late and Grant had to go to bed. He watched some of it with me and woke up the next morning and wanted to know the final score and if we won. He was thrilled. My little Cowboy.

The Cowboy in training

Pistols Firing- I texted this picture to all my OU friends.
You're welcome.

Well Deserved!!!

OU Watching us get a touchdown.

Thanks, Coach Gundy!

We Win.

Friday, December 2, 2011

He didn't do it.....Again

Grant confuses me. He's a live wire at home, at school and with his friends. Always showing off and being the center of attention....except during performances. He puts his hands in his pockets and looks mad. Take a look

Or here are some photos:

Nannie snapped this photo...Grant's holding fake lit votives

This is how he looked most of the performance

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Army purse

I came home last night to Grant jumping up and down needing his Army guys I had in my purse. He decided it would be best if they stayed in there while he was at practice for the Christmas program at church. After searching through my relatively small purse, I managed to pull out several Army guys. Apparently we've had a lot of times when the guys are better off in my purse....

I snapped this photo, which irritated Grant. He said they
weren't right.

Apparently this is how I should have had them.
Lined up in a row.  Lesson learned.

I realized that despite Grant leaving shoes and toys throughout the house, when he plays, he's very organized. Things are always lined out perfectly and plans are always made before the actual make believing takes place.

Then it dawned on me. Could it be he has genetically gained my OCD behaviour? It would appear so, but it in a very different way. Which means, I will unfortunately have to continue to be driven crazy by all the little boobie traps he sets inadvertently with his shoes, Lego's, guys and books. I was a little thrilled with the prospect of a kid that loved to be neat and organized. Maybe he will grow into a more helpful OCD that would include cleaning up his own messes and organizing his drawers, but for now, he seems content right where he is. And so am I.