Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fruity Pebbles

Last night I was finally able to get to the grocery's been several weeks and I just had to finally go. I let Grant pick out some things and I decided to get myself something unusual. Fruity Pebbles. I know, I know, bad example for Grant. I always ate them when I stayed at my Dad's when I was about Grant's age. I LOVED them. I actually ate a whole box in college in one day (not my proudest moment). I hadn't had them since that "one day" in college.

I thought maybe I could sneak them by. 

Grant and My fruity Pebbles

Nope. Grant was on to me in an instant. And what did he want when we got home?  My Our Fruity Pebbles. I made him eat dinner first. I figured that way I wouldn't feel totally guilty about the poor nutritional choice we were making.

Thumbs Up. He asked for another bowl after this one.

After the pebbles, it was bath time. Grant went bananas after bath (I can only assume due to the generous amounts of sugar he consumed) and decided when he grows up he wants to be a knight. Quite the profession. He ran around the house sword fighting imaginary bad guys. Bed time was a successful   challenge.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Home and Cheerleader Show

So, we went to the annual Home and Garden Show at the fairgrounds this weekend. It was COLD, but a good time. Of course, Grant was only interested in the Tree house/playground exhibit, drinks, food and Cheerleader hunting.

Yes, Cheerleaders were at the home and garden show. Not just any cheerleaders. The THUNDER GIRLS. Only Grant's favorite girl besides the "Cheerleaders" at Hooters. But that's another post. Any girl wearing short anything and a small top is a Cheerleader, or a superhero who's a girl, according to Grant.

After many buildings and several inquiries as to where the girls were, we found them. And guess what? Grant hid behind Matt. He got all flustered and didn't want to see them when the time finally came. So I did what any good mother would do. I got a picture with them. Of course, when he heard that, he agreed to be in the picture and get autographs.

Look at the little grin.....and the old Mommy. Geeze.
Talk about feeling bad about yourself.

The Newest Bat Mobile

Driving a John Deere Vehicle

Friday, January 21, 2011

Let's Catch Up, Shall We?

Busy doesn't begin to describe the last two weeks. I've spent more time away from my house than in it.  Dad is has been in and out of the hospital. Twice now. I think. It all has been running together. It's made me reflect on the concept of time.

I've struggled with wanting to go backwards:

Dad and his long hair. Hippie.

I've struggled with wanting to fast forward. I've forgotten how to enjoy a simple moment in time. A conversation. A family dinner. Nightly Routines. Weekends.

 I've been Sad, Angry, Exhausted, Disappointed, Frustrated, did I say exhausted?

Anyway, God has been present in all of this. I chose to ignore Him. I chose to not thank Him for my strength (when I had it), His healing presence in my Dad, His protection and love of Grant and I through this terrible heartache everyday. I'm seeing God's work in progress. I guess I fail to realize He's working with me and through me in these trying times. I know He was with me last night. He gave me strength when I had none. He provided me joy when I had sadness. And, He blessed me with the greatest gift and joy I'll ever know, my sweet son.

Last night was different. I had fun again. I wasn't expecting it. I was actually so tired I didn't think I'd get through the nightly routines. Dad got moved to his new "home away from home" (or his tiny matchbox, as he would call it), and Grant and I were able to finish homework at the hospital before we moved Dad so when we got home and were able to, well, play, hang out. I put laundry on hold and my usual OCD cleaning and sat still with my son.

We laughed. And laughed. We joked and danced and ran around the house.  I  felt like taking pictures again and capturing our moments.

Cleaning out Under the Bed-Only because he found his
cool light up skull Nene and Mike gave him

Oh, and we got 2 dwarf water frogs. Henry and Marley.
 And what better way to the end the day:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pink Eye

Yup. He had it. Confirmed. And, double ear infections. The doctor was amazed Grant wasn't in there kicking and crying his ears were so bad. He even let me "see" how bad they were and look through that thing they stick in your ears.
Um, thanks. Go ahead and squeeze that lemon juice into my "I'm a terrible, rotten mom wound". Grant had been asking what a lot, but I didn't know his ears were infected, geeze. I just thought he wasn't listening, as usual. Turns out, he really couldn't hear and was yelled at by *Me*

Poor Kid. What a little angel!

He wanted to make sure he didn't get a SHOT in his eye.

School just called and now Grant is covered in spots from head to toe. Allergic reaction to antibiotics. Poor guy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Twister, Grant Style

Grant got some great toys this Christmas. One in particular seems to have caught his attention more than others, although Grant's concept for the game is quite a bit different than the actual one. Anyone who knows Grant knows his OBSESSION with guns, shields, swords, anything remotely associated with fighting "bad guys".
So, I found Grant with his Twister game all laid out, but instead pf playing it, he was playing target practice with the dots. He then found another gun and it became a race to see who could hit the most of one color dots the fastest. These guns don't actually shoot anything, they just make noise.

So much for good, old fashion games

New Year's

We started off the new year with what I think say is our newest tradition, watching a movie. Matt asked Grant what he wanted to see. His answer, "Tron". Ummmmm, great. Of all the kid movies showing, that was the ONE I didn't want to see.

Guess what else? It was only in 3D. And, all the prices are the same, regardless of age. So, $30 later, we were headed in:

3D Glasses

Tron Ready
Grant wanted to take my pic too
I have to say the movie was pretty good. I think soundtrack and the theater atmosphere made it better. We got back to Matt's and Grant was hot tub bound.

Tough life

Watching Sponge Bob in the Hot Tub
Happy New Year, everyone. We hope 2011 will be a good one!