Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Break

School is out for 2 weeks. That's a long time. Keeping the boys entertained has been a full time job for Stephen. He does a wonderful job with the boys. I'd be going nuts staying home for two weeks.

So. He taught Grant how to ride a his bike (in 15minutes, I might add).

Held bike races with the neighbor kids.

Matt and Beckett were across the street.
 We went to Stillwater for Homecoming and did the annual Walk-Around. I can't tell you how nice every single person was there. We had complete strangers invite us for food, people offer to take our pictures, heard bands play and.....we got lost. Well, we got separated in a sea of orange. It took us an hour to find each other again. Worst hour of my life. Stephen and the  boys were together and were safe, though. Lesson learned. We always take BOTH cell phones with us to events like these.

Imagine this times 4 in the dark. Crazy busy, but totally fun.

Actually more like this. With me panicked.

Stephen and I  watched the OSU homecoming game. Go Pokes. We won!

Our family

And then we came home and relaxed.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Officially the Thornhill's

What a weekend. I'll do a list for you. There's been so much.

1. Grant and I went to an OU Texas football watch party and actually routed for OU. (OMG!)

Yes. That's us. In OU stuff. :(

Watching the game (shirt logo hidden)
2. We quickly went home after the OU win so we could go watch OSU win. (Barely win)
3. We went to brunch for my birthday on Sunday.

Enjoying the beautiful day and brunch. G
was playing on his Kindle Fire....again.
The dried up Lake Hefner
4. We worked on Halloween decorations, too.

Get it..."Owl first Halloween" (Stephen is so clever)

5. We drove to Arkansas with Grant.

6. And got married!

G was the ring bearer. Aidan was unfortunately in Thackerville with
Jaxon, having a blast, of course.

Outside the courthouse in Fort Smith, Arkansas

7. We stayed in Arkansas for the night and then came home.
8. I've spent all my free time changing my name everywhere.
9. I'm back to work and totally exhausted, hence the list instead of my normal on and on writing.
10. The end.

Mrs. Ashley Thornhill

Friday, October 12, 2012

Buffing problem!

Grant has finally earned his Kindle Fire back. He's so in love with the song "Grand Old Flag" and sings it all the time. Unfortunately, it's been buffering and stopping in the middle of the song. And, it's hysterical to watch him try and make it stop. We love you, G! Leery, we do!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Friday night we loaded the kids up and drove down to the famous stockyards and ate dinner at Cattlemen's.



The boys were all OVER the place. Grant started a round of steroids and Aidan has finally started to feel better. While we're thrilled the boys are better, going out to eat with two very hyper and excited boys was a challenge.

Stephen decided in the midst of the craziness to encourage the boys to try lamb fries. Somehow or another he actually succeeded in getting them both to try it. Even I tried it. It was horrible.

It's served with cocktail sauce and a lemon.
This does  not improve the taste. At all.

The boys being silly.

Finally a serious one from them. So cute!

Trying the Lamb fries enthusiastically....

Actually eating it....

Actually tasting it.....Cracked us up!

Stephen picked his ring. He loves it, as do I.

Aidan took this one of us at Cattlemen's. He zoomed in.
WAY in. I just love this picture, though. So happy!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Future Thornhill's

Yesterday our lives changed forever. Stephen texted me he got me a surprise, something "washable". I thought maybe he got us some new towels. He went on to say that it was a life changing surprise and that "someone" would tell me soon what the surprise was. And then he ceased communication with me. A few minutes passed and our front receptionist came to my office and informed me I needed to check my car. There was "something" on it. I immediately thought something had happened to my car, but she assured me everything was fine. I walked out the back door and saw this:

 Stephen left some car polish for me to check the correct box. There were a handful of patients outside waiting to see my response. They clapped when I checked the yes box. I took a picture of my response and sent it to Stephen. And then I totally freaked out. I was so shocked and the office was so excited for us. I quickly realized I had to go and met Stephen at VZD's. One of my docs went outside and took a picture of me leaving.

OMG. This ring! I love it!

We went to Flip's for dinner, as the kids were with their other
parent last night. What  perfect timing. Can you believe this
is the only picture we got together on such a memorable occasion? I wasn't thinking

I woke up to my car looking like this today. I just love Stephen.
I just can't wash my car, for the first time in my life.

Thank you, Stephen. I can't wait to be your wife.

This is me today. Not paying attention what so ever to work.

 I'm the happiest girl on the planet and so are the kids. They were thrilled with the news and can't wait for us to be married. I can't wait either!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekend Review in Pictures

This is the tent the boys played in while it rained ALL
day Saturday.

G headed out to the tent. They took chairs and lots
of snacks in the tent.

Matt from across the street and G.

How great is this, right? Finally. Stephen in OSU...
although it's my shirt and he only wore it for a second, I'm happy.
Looks like I may have to venture out and borrow a friend's OU shirt
for the OU Texas game. UGHHH!

So these are our friends Diane and Matus. We spent most of our summer
with them at the pool. It's so weird to see each other in clothes. Stephen made
an amazing dinner for us and all of our kids. We had so much fun!

The kids table. Grant, Hunter, Aidan and Hana.
Yes, that's purple hair Hana's fashioning.

That's Diane. Isn't she stunning? She's become a great
friend of ours. Well, she was Stephen's friend first, but he shared.

That's Matus. As Stephen would say, "his dear friend Matus".
Matus is European and always brings entertainment to the group.

Oh. that's just me. I was SO sick this weekend. And it annoyed me.
I was ordered to rest. OMG. I don't sit still well.  I did, however,
stay home all day....just not in bed.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sick of being Sick! (And Pizza, too)

Okay. So the past 2 months, Grant has had once case of strep throat, pneumonia, a ruptured ear drum, another throat infection and an appointment with a specialist (G has to have his tonsils out if he gets sick two more times in a year, so no surgery for now *YEA*). He had to get immunizations updated on Friday as well and wouldn't you know it, I came down with his upper respiratory infection. Dr. Thompson took one look at me and said go check yourself in and let me listen to your lungs. Sure enough, he heard something there and told me to go home and DO NOTHING!


Our entire house is filled with the sounds of coughing, sneezing, nose blowing and general malaise. Apparently this sickness is plaguing OKC and Chesapeake like crazy. 

But, in usual Ashley and Grant fashion, taking it easy was a challenge. We stayed in this weekend, for the most part. The rain helped keep us all contained.

Grant jamming out to "Whistle Baby" on his Kindle Fire
while waiting on our strep throat test results.

Grant still waiting for results, playing some Ninja game.
SO GLAD we got the Kindle. It's been so helpful
in all the waiting rooms.

Remember this picture about a year ago? Here he is

 In the midst of doctor appointments and shots, Grant had a pizza party for his birthday. Stephen was so kind to take a bunch of pizza to school and drop it off for the big September birthday bash. He took a few pictures for me, I had to be at work and couldn't make it. :(