Friday, March 30, 2012

One of Those Days

Yesterday was a tough one for me personally. Dad's probate is over and while it was a relief, it was a closure moment that caught me off guard. Or maybe it's that the year of his death is approaching quickly and mentally I feel like it was if he just passed away. My grief has totally taken over. I'm lucky to have such a sweet little boy who has almost uncanny timing with random hugs or words. I cherish his prayers at night because he always, without fail, prays for Granpa Dod in heaven. If only he could have come to know him like I did.

Given the day I had, spending time with Grant is precious. Takes my mind off of the sadness temporarily. I worked out yesterday, which means I pick up Grant after 5:00 from school. He had been playing outside for quite sometime and was pretty put out with me for remembering a *snack but no *drink.

I offered my apologies, but they went on deaf ears. So, off to Sonic we went. We came home and he HAD to see what his "prize" was from his wacky pack. And what a "wacky" prize it was. Who ever thinks up these ridiculous toys at Sonic is a total nut. They created and entire line of stuffed character tater tots. Weird. And of course, Grant got the one character he did not want.

This is "Bizarro Tot". What?  He has a cape, too.
What exactly is he the super hero of? Bizarre people?
 Later on in the evening it was on to show and share decision making time. I photographed the process this time. And would you even believe after all the thought process behind the final decision, this morning the "fully charged" game boy his Daddy got him was not "charged" at all. Clearly it's broken. Already.

Looking for binoculars, which he never did find.

He found his umbrella he has been looking for since last year

The spy watch almost made it to the finals.

Grant decided since I was taking pictures of him, he wanted to take
a picture of me. Pardon the appearance. All sweaty from the
gym and clearly a little bummed out.

This led to a massive freak out and of course we were already running late. I'm SO over show share. Grant ended up taking A Bug's Life movie. He was not happy. I was not happy. I can't wait for the weekend. We need time to relax and break from the everyday hub bub.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just another busy night

Our days are so busy anymore. Yesterday was just another one of them. Grant had Tae Kwon Do after school and then with dinner, homework and playtime, it's bedtime before I can blink. I realized yesterday we left the house at 7:00am and got home at 7:00pm. I felt like a crazy person trying to squeeze in everything  we needed to before bed at 8:30, but we managed. Surprisingly well, actually. I snapped a few photos at TKD, as Grant was finally positioned on the end where  I could get a good photo. He's really progressing well and actually taught me a few moves last night after we got home.

First one one the left

Front and Center

 After dinner we tackled homework and I reviewed some of his recent art work and school work. I took some photos, because my office walls are full, the fridge is covered and I can't throw away anything without proper documentation.

A lion. See. That's exactly what I would have said it was.....

His school made of Popsicle sticks

A little math

I forgot what he said this was.....yikes!

A dolphin

We ended the chaotic night with our favorite movie.

Monday, March 26, 2012

No More Rain

It's been raining way too much for me the last few weeks. This weekend was  a perfect weekend for being outside, as the rain finally moved elsewhere. I took advantage of the sun after work on Friday and Grant and I walked to the park. Grant made a few friend's and played some bad guy game and even gave one of the little boys part of his toy blocks (with which they had made pretend guns).

Being a cheese ball while enjoying his Izzy

Picnic with cheese and grapes

Not sure how I managed to get this picture with
NONE of the other children that were there. It was
 Saturday Grant went to the movies with Paul and came home early afternoon and we went hiking at Martin Nature Park....along with the rest of OKC. I've never seen it so packed. We went to our usual spot and I we   was horrified at the amount of people. People not just jumping through the creek or wading around, people were actually attempting to swim. Swim. In the filthy, nasty, brown creek water. Grant looked at me and knew exactly what NOT to do. Not to even think about it.  I was convinced he'd pick up some nasty microbe in that water. He played around for about an hour and then promptly fell right on his "rear-end" while crossing the bridge. Needless to say, the walk home was a tough one, but he made it.

Once again I managed to somehow leave out the
rest of OKC that was in our spot.

He requested I take this picture of  him on top
of the hill

One super excited boy.....not. He was not thrilled with me asking
him to pose for the camera. He was ready to roll.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break...sort of

Grant has been on Spring Break the past few weeks and Jason came in town this last week and has been spending time with Grant. They've been working in the yard, going to get Starbucks (and bringing it to Mommy at work) and going to the Science Museum. It's been such a blessing for both us to have Jason here and I'm so thankful Grant's been able to have a small break while I'm at work and enjoy being away from school. Here's some pictures from the Museum:

Playing dead....


At the Dome getting ready for a movie about Tornadoes

One happy little boy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Usual

Grant was able to spend some time with his Dad last week due to the two week Spring break, so I had liitle to post until he came home. We did our usual church and Martin Nature Park routine, although something new was at the park. They finally finished the playground. Grant had a ball and since the weather was bad, we just played instead of hiking (I did NOT want to get caught up in a rain storm).

Swinging on the vine

Falling off the vine....

We came equipped with the umbrella

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I took Grant this past weekend to visit Jason in Dallas. We drove down after work on Friday and I thought I would likely pull my hair out with the amount of times Grant asked me "How many more minutes until we get there?" I thought I was sooo prepared with activities for him. Clearly he has the attention span of 5 minutes before he's on to something else. I got lucky on the way home, though. He slept the entire way. He woke up 10 minutes before we got home. He was thrilled how fast the trip home was I!

We went to the Dallas World Aquarium and went to eat at several great restaurants. It rained all weekend, so we stayed in most of Saturday. It was a great trip. I'm sure we'll have many more to come.

Jason and Grant at some restaurant I forgot the name of

Mom and Grant at the Aquarium

Harv and Grant

On the Trolley Friday night.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jam Packed Weekend

Grant and I had another one of our busy weekends. We went and saw the Lorax in 3D after dinner Pepperoni Grill. It was a good movie with a good message, but it wasn't my favorite. Cars 2 and Tron were much better. Anyway, we woke up Saturday and went to the gym and then met Brooke and Laine for lunch at....THE BAGEL SHOP...our old stomping grounds. The menu really hasn't changed much. And the bagels were great! Later that evening Auntie Jessica and Bryan came over for dinner and Grant danced around naked before his bath (you are welcome son, for mentioning that). We spent most of Sunday outside enjoying the beautiful weather. We met Auntie Lauren for lunch at the lake. As usual, here's a photo synopsis of our ventures....

Getting ready for The Lorax

Coloring at Pepperoni Grill

Love the 3D Glasses

At the Zoo playground

Some Clovers we picked


Grant reading to Laine, per her request

Grant hugging Laine. She's not interested.

Grant prepared his own snack, sugar and all.

The view from the lighthouse at Lake Hefner

Friday, March 2, 2012

Honest Abe

Doing homework last night. Notice the blue watch?
It's his newest obsession. Wears it all the time. And?
He tells you what time it is every 2-3 minutes. Awesome.

Grant has been learning about presidents in school and when I came across this shirt on my recent trip to Dallas, it was a no brainer. Grant loved it and proudly walked into school today announcing his shirt had Abraham Lincoln on it, the 16th president of the United States. What a little smart boy.