Monday, January 28, 2013

Grant's Basketball

Grant played an all girl team on Saturday. He FINALLY got passed the ball and took a shot, with 20 seconds left to play. I tried to be quiet this no avail. At least all you can hear is Stephen this go around. I'll spare G the embarrassment of my "coaching" behavior on video. His is number 42, white jerseys.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Girl "Friends"...Really?

My precious sweet 7 year old son

This boy just a few years ago:

Informed me he has a girlfriend. That he loves.


My son loves a girl named Meredith. She has brown hair and white skin, according to Grant. And she talks funny like him (no idea).  He wrote her a letter that said I love you. Her response: "Cool".

Um, excuse me? Cool? Have you seen my son? Doesn't everyone love him?

Turns out, though, she loves him too. She told him at recess.


And then, Aidan informs us he's had a girlfriend for like a year. And he's kissed her. At least 20 times.


I am NOT prepared for this. I do not like this. I want my baby boy back.

When Mommy was the girl he loved most in the world.

His first fish.

My little organic banana. I want him back.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Not a Lot to Report

Our house has been quiet, for the most part. Well, until last night when there was yet another sleep over. This time Charlie, Jaxon, Grant and Aidan. Kids from somewhere besides across the street.

Brooklyn was kind enough to pick up the boys from school
and help with homework. Grant still thinks she prettier than Taylor
Swift, his favorite girl
right now.
Sweet kids!
Oh, here's G at basketball picture day. I snapped one
 myself, assometimes the professional ones are weird.
I just love this one. It's G at practice with Stephen, working on
rebounds and shooting.
We finally had our Christmas with Auntie Lauren and Janie,
even though Janie was in Austin. The boys LOVE their
 Nerf swords and shields...and the clothes, too.
 Thanks Auntie Lauren and Janie!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dinner, Wedge Style

Last night the whole family went to dinner in Deep Deuce at the Wedge                  

The boys enjoyed themselves and Brooklyn came to join us and help guide us through the menu. She's worked there for quite some time now and knew what to get.

We ended up with this:
a cheese pizza for Grant
a meat pizza for Aidan (of which he ate one bit and switched to another kind)
 a barbecue pulled pork pizza for Stephen and I
a prosciutto, arugula and fig pizza for Brooklyn


Oh, and an appetizer of flat bread and hummus Can you believe that?

And guess who ate more than anyone at the table?

My sweet G!

Brooklyn, Aidan and Grant. Post pizza feast.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So I figured out a way to get these photos up, but I can't leave any captions, so here are our New Year's photos in random order.

2013- A Bumpy Start

So, we didn't go skiing. Grant got a double ear infection and skiing in high altitudes wasn't a good idea. We had fun staying home, though.

The boys had fun over New Year's with Kristie and Jaxon at the Embassy Suites. They swam (I managed to find G's ear plugs so he could swim) and stayed up late and talked about girls.

Stephen and I stayed home and watched the ball drop. It was nice to spend time together, just us. The boys wouldn't have hung out with us anyway. Apparently we aren't that much fun.

I went back to work on Wednesday and got a series of illnesses that have just now subsided enough for me to return to work and have any energy left to blog.

Which leads me to very little pictures and very little to say. I spent the past 4 days in bed. I lost my mind there. Doing nothing drives me crazy.

It also makes me cranky. My poor husband. He waited on me hand and foot. I was allowed to do NOTHING. I watched more TV than I have in an entire year.

So, I've been holding this post forever trying to upload pictures and it won't let me. So here's the post anyway. Hopefully I'll get the photo thing figured out soon.