Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Completion of the First Grade

Grant had his awards ceremony last week. The same week of tornadoes, hail, Nannie getting very ill and work going bananas. His last official day of school is tomorrow. Our summer is filled with camps, basbeball, video games and who knows what else. Here's some pictures of the ceremony.

Here he is! With a top Math award, Principal Honor's,
No tardies and something else I forgot.

In normal Grant fashion, totally not paying attention to
his surroundings and screwing around with

And here's Grant noticing me noticing him not
paying attention....

And this is side ways, in case you didn't notice.
But, here's all of Mrs. Grizzle's first grade class.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back from Abu Dhabi

My sister made it back from Abu Dhabi safely, I'm proud to report! She came by this weekend and shared her pictures and stories. I wanted to post a few of them, as the photos were amazing and she looked absolutely beautiful.

Auntie Lauren brought the boys back shirts.
Orange for G (OSU).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On a Lighter Note

The boys created a game with Stephen to see how long they could tolerate being tickeled before total colapse. Here's some photos:

Aidan trying hard....

For like 5 seconds

G's turn....he lasted a bit longer, but not much.

Love these boys!

Oh, I forgot to mention our neighbor Whitney painted G's face.
Didn't she do a great job?
PS- We finally got the results of G's presentation on Gorilla's:

I waited and waited on this grade. I felt like
I was getting graded. I was THRILLED he received and "A".
I though Mer Mer screwed it up for everyone after her
24 mintue presentation and cookie decorating exhibit.

Proud to be an Oklahoman

I feel like I should blog about the horrific tornado that went through Moore on Monday. It's all anyone can speak of. I've been glued to Twitter and the news since it happened. We are so blessed to have been safe and our family that was there was not too terribly affected. I saw something today on Twitter that completely summed up to me what it means to be an Oklahoman, even in tragedy.

These are hundreds of people lined up waiting to be allowed into neighborhoods to help clean up. There have been so many charities set up and local businesses donating time and money. Grant's school took time out to make cards to send to the children in Moore. I even bought a shirt from a local shop that 100% of the proceeds are given to the Red Cross.

That being said, we continue to pray and support our fellow Oklahomans as best we can and perhaps remind the rest of the world what it means to have compassion and kindness. It seems the world has become harsh and it's nice to see there really is genuine empathy and selflessness out there.

Friday, May 17, 2013


I was reading one of my favorite blogs,, the other day and Ree mentioned she had at least 15 names for her dog. This triggered a conversation that Stephen had with me a few weeks ago about how many names I have for Grant. Apparently I need to just call him Grant.

I can't seem to call him just Grant.

I've tried.

Every time one of his sweet nicknames comes right out of my mouth.

How could you NOT have a nickname for that sweet face?

Here's a list of his nicknames since birth (and no, I am NOT crazy. Even Ree Drummond does this)

  1. Punky (as a new born)
  2. Biscuit (no idea how I came up with that)
  3. Turkey Leg (long story, this was for when he was being a challenge)
  4. Angel
  5. Angie (short for Angel, again, no idea)
  6. Angiovese (another long story)
  7. Put
  8. Put Put (??)
  9. Pumpkin
  10. Pump
  11. And most recently, just "G"
Okay, so even my Dad had nicknames for all his animals and his girls.

To name a few: Chubby Cheeks, little angel, buttercup, chip chip, Geesh, The little dusty boy...I could go on an on.

I'm not sure where this post is headed, but clearly, the nickname thing is genetic. Even my sweet sister has numerous names for her doggies.

I guess I'll try to stick to just one nickname from now on. Grant whispered in my ear the other day it was okay if I called him those names, just no one else could.

My sweet angel.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's Been Going On?

I've been so busy lately. Work has totally consumed every ounce of energy I've had the past few weeks and I've neglected posting what's been going on.

So, here's what's going on:

We spent Saturday morning with the Tucker's at the zoo for the annual Ostrich Egg Breakfast; our 7th year together. This year we didn't grow, but next year there will be another one in the group. Amber is due next month with a new girl, no name yet.

Edie Jane and G. Two peas in a pod.

Second attempt at getting everyone. Oops,
cut our Grant.

Here's Nathan and Bryan handcuffing G with
our wrist bands. He was laughing like crazy.

Mother's Day was great. Aidan made me the sweetest book mark and decorated a bag. He even put an OSU on it, which is BIG in our family when it comes from the Sooner side. Grant drew a great picture of me and wrote what he liked best about me....I allow him to play video games. Sheesh! Stephen made a wonderful dinner for me, Sea Bass. It was a perfect day.

Grant had pajama day at school yesterday. He's been having a little trouble paying attention and not screwing around at school but apparently, allow the boy to wear his pajamas, and he pays attention all day.

And what blog post wouldn't be complete without mention of the boys newest favorite thing......

My favorite boys. Doing their favorite thing. Playing with the fire pit and
roasting marshmallows. Even Jack Jack got a few.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fire Pits and Boys

Last night Stephen put the boys to work digging dirt for the new herb garden we're putting in. I was busy cleaning the house and didn't go outside for awhile.

When I finally did make my way outside, I saw this:

The new Fire Pit.
 I thought we were building an herb garden?

Herb Garden.

Digging dirt for the herb garden.
 Notice the shovel size difference? You can toatlly tell Aidan was working his behind off and Grant was more interested in the fire pit. Anyway, in all fariness, Stephen had built the fire pit in the afternoon, I just wasn't aware we were breaking it in already.

I learned quickly that when there is a fire buring, there will be no more herb garden construction. The boys gathered wood and threw it in the pit for an hour. It was nice, though.

Boys and fire. Totally mesmerized. Even Jack Jack.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grant's Gorilla Project

Grant's first school project. He had to do an oral presentation, so we recorded it. I think he did great!

Here's G waiting to present at his desk.

The little ham. Stephen went and videoed it for me,
but you can't hear it. This picture was taken after he presented.
He was so nervous the entire time. Bless his little heart.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Fab Friday

9:00 last night I get  a text from Mrs. Grizzle that stated she almost completely forgot to tell me Grant was receiving yet another math Facts award, this time for subtraction.

What is it with people NOT planning ahead. This is THE most irritating thing to a  Type A personality planning OCD person. Just saying.

Anyway, I managed to run to work, run to school and see G get the award and run right back to work.

His little face was so worth the hassle of juggling my work schedule. He didn't think I would make it.

Grant on the end, next to the famous Stacia, Junior and
the beautiful Meredith. Mrs. Stafford is standing proudly
behind them.

All the Math Fact Champs.

In usual Grant fashion, he requested a photo
with his Mommy. Little bit hard to do by myself.

Which is why I took this one. G wasn't happy with
the first one because you couldn't see
the award. Good grief.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The First Official STING

Aidan came into the office (apparently where Stephen and I now spend our time since our kids take over the living room with the XBox) with Grant behind him, crying. Aidan gave us the news, as Grant was crying too much to talk.

Grant fell right on top of a wasp.

In our house!

I thought they had been playing basketball outside, but they were actually playing basketball on the XBox and Grant did a jump shot and fell on the wasp.

It's a pretty cool game, really.
So glad to have boys.

  Of course I was freaking out, as Grant hasn't ever been stung before. I had the EPI pen waiting, just in case. Stephen said we should cut an onion and stick it on the sting. I've learned by now to just do what he says, no matter how weird it sounds, as he's usually right. So, we stuck an onion on G's sting and the pain went right away. So weird. And smelly.

He was fine, though.

The "sting"

The "I got stung by a wasp face but feel better
now that I have a Popsicle"

The culprit. Dead. Gone. Mean old wasp.