Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A really big back yard

Our very good friends and neighbors moved today. It's unusual in this world we live in now to have a neighborhood where there are kids to play with, bikes to ride, slip n slides, tree houses, cookouts, sleep overs and games. Our kids run around everyday from one house to another, but one of those houses is going to be far away. Big Grant, Gabbie, Dom, Darcy, Carly and Rocky are headed to Deer Creek. And leaving us a very sad household. We'll cherish our memories our kids have made together. Little Grant will just be Grant now. Grant cried last night that his best friend was moving away. My heart broke because I know how he feels. We'll miss you, Demarinos!

Big Grant and Little Grant

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer time and Sandwiches

This weekend was very laid back, which was the firs time in several months I didn't have 101 things to do or places to go. And it was a good thing. Apparently it takes Grant 45 minutes to eat a sandwich. I'm so tired of him not eating what he asks for and then being hungry an hour later that I made him eat all of his sandwich.

All of it.

I must have asked him to sit still and eat one hundred and fifty times. I was so over it.

30 minutes into battle sandwich
While battle sandwich was going on, Big Grant from next door, who now has an Itouch, starting texting me  **Grant**. So while I was coaching sandwich eating, I was also going back and forth between little Grant and Big Grant. OMG......good thing I had my patient pants on, as normally I would have lost my mind.

Instead, I took them to the pool. I relaxed and they wore themselves out. Together. Without texting.

And don't even say anything about the wings.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No hail, this time

We finally had our first tball game! No hail or rain this time. Grant did great. Thank you to everyone who came and supported little Grant.
Paul giving Grant direction on the field. Grant sat down at one
point during the game.  The little girl in this picture
cried when it was her turn to bat. Her Dad ran her around the
bases on his shoulders. So cute!

He made it to first base!

Waiting to bat

Auntie Lauren and her friends came, too!

Proud Mommy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lions and Baseballs

I took Grant and Beckett to the zoo last weekend after the sleep over. I learned a new trick and tell them it's really late, like midnight when it's really like ten and then they go right to sleep. I'm good until they can tell time, which is fast approaching.

The Cat Exhibit, on the way to snow cones...Grant's staple at the zoo

This weekend Matt took us to a Red Hawks game. Grant took his glove and we had a blast. He loves peanuts. He takes the skin off and then splits each peanut in two before he eats them. Weird. Anyway, it was crowded and hot and while Matt parked the car, I took a few pictures.

We learned Mickey Mantle was born in Oklahoma.

Friday, June 17, 2011

This Morning

On the way to school this morning, Grant's favorite song came on (above). After the song was over we said our usual morning prayer and he stopped me and said "Hey, Mom. I AM one of God's children, you know. God and Jesus". I am so glad he knows. What a Sweet little boy.

T-Ball Practice

Waiting to Bat

My view from the sidelines
Our T-Ball Game was cancelled due to HAIL last Tuesday. The gigantic HAIL scared us half to death, as we were on our way to the game. My car has a little damage, but nothing major. We drove over to Nannie's so I could calm down and we threw the ball around. Grant did great. The first official game will now be Tuesday. We changed teams after our first practice when the "coach" showed up 20 minutes late to a 45 minute practice. We are now the Tigers!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

T- Ball

T-Ball officially starts tonight. Grant and I went to get his "baseball gear" last Sunday after church. We had so much fun. I even got him some Big League Chew. I loved that stuff as a kid. His first official game is next Tuesday. We'll see if he has any of his Grandpa Dod's genes.....

He looks the part, for sure

Catching and Throwing are a little rough right now.

Weekend Fun..last weekend

I got Grant back on Saturday for the Linwood family picnic, which we did NOT attend. Grant had a  little melt down and flipped out when I put baby oil on the new slip n slide I got him. The kids weren't "slipping" and needed some help. Grant decided to go cry in the back yard about it.

How to calm down a Melt Down, Ashley Style