Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Carnivals and Vortex's

Last weekend was the annual Westminster School carnival (which I haven't been to since Grant was a baby). Auntie Jessica talked me into going and I'm glad she did. We had SO much fun. It was great to see my old teachers and play the old games we used to work when I was in middle school.

Aidan came home last night with the news that his science fair project due date had been moved from January to Friday.


Of course I flipped out. This so not enough time to prepare. Luckily, Aidan and I had already dedcided what his project was going to be and he told his Mom (it was her week last week) and she was kind enough to drop the supplies off last night. We knocked out the physical components last night and now have to prepare the poster board.

I'm a little disconcerted with Nichols Hills "Rattlesnakes" and their practices. They want the kids to be prepared and well managed, yet they do something like this and expect them to adhere. I'm VERY thankful G is at Cleveland Elementary. Go Bulldogs :)

Here's G on the lawn at the carnival eating pizza.
Apparently I'm getting the loser sign for taking yet
another photo. Someday he'll apprecaite this.
I think.....

Auntie Jessica and Connor playing a little Twitser.

G finally found the "bloody bandage" booth.
Quite the outfit by the end of the evening.

Aidan making his Vortex.

Vortex making materials.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Diorama Update

We finally got the grade back for G's diorama project.

We (mainly me) are very pleased. All that hard work paid off!

Happy Birthday, Grant, Part Two

I left off a few photos and the computer was being less than cooperative today, so here's the final run down on the celebration.

Aidan has some fascination with door climbing.
Here he is in our walkway from the living room to
the dining room. He so so strong.

The boys. Popping birthday poppers. And
making a mess that got rained on last night
and is all wet today. Yuck.

We went to a pre-birthday brunch with Kristie
and Eric and all those kids.

Happy Birthday Grant, Part One

We celebrated G's birthday last night so Aidan could join us. We have a tradition of cooking whatever the birthday person wants.

G chose peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, refried beans and crab.

I managed to talk him out of the PB and J's (made one for his bday lunch instead).

Surprisingly enough, the whole family loved dinner.

He's so excited. He blew all the candles out
except one, which he said thank goodness there was
one left because he forgot to make a wish.

Opening his Itouch. He was SO excited. He hugged everyone.

Happy 8th birthday, my sweet G. You've enhanced my life
so much I can't even put into words. Mom loves you always and forever.
Thanks for making me your Momma.

Chelino's Wednesday, Finally!

It's been awhile since we have been able to enjoy
our family's Wednesday night tradition. Everyone's
schedules have been all over the place.
Luckily, the boys felt right at home after their dinner.
Aidan always gets fried shrimp and fries and G always gets
a corndog with a double order of refried beans....oh well.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pokemon, Performances and Pretty Girls

Auntie Lauren and Sam popped by on Sunday and Grant had an elaborate surprise to show us all. He had arranged all three decks of his Pokemon cards all over the room. I guess that's fun? I don't know...

We decided to head to the mall since Aidan was with his Mom and Stephen was at work. Auntie Lauren was working at the Gap so we dropped in to shop. I tried on numerous dresses that looked like potato sacks on me and gave up.

Grant however, suddenly found a blazer and some green jeans he felt he MUST try on.

TRY ON? I hate trying on clothes. Always have. But this child loves it. He showed himself to the dressing room and wouldn't allow me in. He came out and approved the outfit.

Umm, great. Luckily there was a sale and we had a legitimate reason to make the purchase. (I can legitimize anything, by the way, when it comes to purchasing clothes, watches and purses). Stephen says we'll never save a penny if I can "legitimizing" everything. Waugh waugh.

The reason: his upcoming performance at school. Ta da! The second grade was performing Disney movie songs and you were to dress as your favorite character. I asked G who he thought he could be with this outfit. We brainstormed and together came up with Stuart Little's Dad. Very debonair!

And finally, my last blog title: Pretty Girls. I picked up G from school on Monday and he informed me he kissed a girl at recess.

Deep Breath in, Mommy.

Really, G? Who?


(Brody is a girl, I asked. It's totally a boy name, but whatever)

Where did you kiss her?

On the cheek, after she kissed me.

He goes on to say that Monday's are kissing Mondays and Brody rotates who she allows to kiss her each week. This Monday was G's turn.

I told him to take himself off the rotation. Effective immediately. You don't want a rotating girl.

OMG! Second grade is totally freaking me out.

Quite the nice and neat layout. Unfortunately he got the
OCD from me.

See the bunk below him? He covered every area
with Pokemon cards. The onlyplace left for him to go
was the top bunk.

I asked G to pose GQ style. He nailed it.
Very serious face.

That's better. My little ham.

Once again I can't get these to rotate.

G and Mrs. Cochrane, his music teacher.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

John Darling Debut

Grant had his first theater practice yesterday. He was chosen for the part of Wendy's brother, John, in Peter Pan. The script is rather lengthy and G has a lot of lines to memorize. When I attempted to get started last night he turned around and looked at me like I was crazy.

He said, "Mom! Seriously? The play isn't for another 8 weeks."

He followed up with this statement later in the night, randomly:

"Mom. I was in line today at school and the teacher said if you talk you get sent to the back of the line. I raised my hand and said what happens if you're already at the back of the line? She said nothing."

Apparently my son has a little bit of his Momma's wit. Hopefully he won't get in as much mischief as I did with my mouth.

 This couldn't be more Grant.  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Week in Photos

Here's G reading! Reading!! He read all through the parking lot
and the entire time I was running errands. He was too distracted listening to my
NPR, so he switched the channel to Jazz. Funny guy.

Here's Grant at the Fire Fighter's
presentation. Grant sits just like my Dad used to. No other kid is

sittig this way. Dad would be pleased.

LOOK! Both boys in orange. Go Pokes!!
You can't really see that G is wearing an OSU shirt, but he is.
Game Day!

Aidan, Jaxon and Grant. One last hoorah before
the pool closes.

And here's the (sideways) Diarama. I
We finished it this weekend. It's all made of candy.
Hammerhead sharks with Mentos for eyes. Gummy sea
creatures and pixie stix sand. We I had so much fun with
this project. Hoping for an "A".