Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hats, Boots and Tacos

Last Thursday proved to be one of the most stressful days EVER.

Family picture day.

AKA Ashley's worst nightmare of attempting to organize and be totally prepared. I'll save the details for another post, I (and the boys) are still recovering.

Here are some random pictures I took after the family photos. We took my Dad's hat with intentions of incorporating into a few of our pictures, but we forgot it in the car. So here's G sporting Grandpa Dod's favorite hat.

And a random one of G in Stephen's ski boots. He was bored towards the end of fall break.

Finally, my husband has lost his mind and always wants to eat from the Taco truck. He finally took me to his kitchen away from home. The tacos really are good. I have to admit.

My husband and his newest craving.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My most favorite day with my most favorite people

Friday was my most favorite day of the year. Seriously. It is. I'd rather have the walk around twice and skip Thanksgiving.

G was a little under the weather with an upper respiratory deal, so we drove the walk around for the most part and went up early.

Our first stop was Esikimo Joe's. The wait time was only an hour and half this year (early bird gets the table). Grant was great during the wait and Stephen and I had so much fun meeting people and shopping at Joe's. We all came home with new Cowboy attire.

The floats were amazig this year,as always. Hats off to the hard working students who make homecoming literally the greatest homecoming in the nation. And thanks to my boys for coming with me every year. I hope they love it as much as I do.

At the Sigma Nu House.

Stephen helping to entertain Grant during
our hour and a half wait for a table.

Post Chili Cheese Fries

Apparently Joe's didn't fill him up. We stopped
at Fuzzy's for a Fuzzy ball fried ice cream.

My two most favorite people. The only other one
is missing. Aidan was swimming in Mexico.

My second all time favorite photo of us. I just adore my husband.
And look at those fabulous shoes I'm wearing. Stephen got them
for me out of the blue. I love them.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Buck Up Kid

Monday was filled with lots of phone calls, songs, emails and hugs for my birthday. It's been a celebration week and there is still Homecoming on Friday.

Go Pokes.

I love those Cowboys. And their bright orange.

I'll stop that now. I'll redirect my focus.

Grant Matthias (yes, I dropped the middle name)is little bit too much like me. I decided this on Monday. Gaga offered to take him to get me a present and he said he'd pass.

What a mess of a child. Why would you say that to your dear old sweet Mom?

I asked him. G, why wouldn't you want to at least make me a card?

His response: Well, buck up kid. Sometimes that's just the way it is. Sorry.

I have used those exact words on him. Verbatim.

So happy birthday to me. Lesson learned...from an 8 year old. I miss my sensitive creative step son who is in Mexico who I KNOW would have made Grant make me a card. And not told me to buck up.

My office rocks and had the break room filled
with all my favorite rabbit food and balloons.

One of the nurse's took a picture for me.
This is what 36 looks like, apparently.

Wes and Imo had a family celebration for all the October
birthdays. There are 4 of us. Rick, Rand, myself and Keith.

And here's my sweet G. Who is "allowing" me to take
his picture because he didn't get me a birthday card.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Grant and what the fox says

So this song is really popular....

Among the 5-10 age range group.

For a very good reason.

Here's a snippet.

You're welcome. It's been stuck in my head all morning.

Books, Bagels, Bowling and Big Performances

The Thornhill house had a great week. It's almost fall break and the boys are ready! Aidan leaves for Mexico this weekend and G will get to spend some time with the all great and wonderful Gaga. Next Friday is the best day of the fall, the OSU walk around!

Grant and I started a new tradition on Saturday mornings since Stephen has to work. We head to Panera and have bagel together. I allow him his most favorite drink in the world only on Saturday morning, Mountain Dew. This motivates him to help me grocery shop after our breakfast. He's a great little helper. Especially when full of Mountain Dew.

Aidan had his big performance last night. 50's Band Stand play. He had several speaking parts at the very beginning and was a great little actor. I'm bummed I didn't get better pictures, though. We went to Tucker's for burgers afterwards and called it a night.

So this is the book G checked out and read immediately.
Looks pretty creepy to me.

G making his bagel. Sliced but not toasted,
plain cream cheese only. With a Mountain Dew, of course.
Saturday mornings are the only time he's allowed one.

Just another shot. I think it's so sweet.

Grant had to write down three of his fears in Sunday school
class. He wrote "girls, bunny's and little midgets". Hmmmm?

Sunday was Mom's and Son's bowling day with
our church. G had so much fun and I met some really
great people. G even won a gift card to Game Stop.
I did not. I bowled a 46....

Here's the only bad picture I was able to capture
of Aidan's performance. I haven't quite figured out my Iphone
settings. He did great and opened up the play.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Catch Up from a Busy Week

What a week. It was super fast and fun. Aidan I spent every night working on his science fair project. (Waugh waugh) Thank goodness Grant didn't have any major projects or I would have flipped out. Actually, I think I did flip out, but it was legit. The computer crashed when Aidan was typing his project.

G spent Saturday with his Daddio. Aidan spent most of the weekend at Kristie's playing with Jaxon, Sage, Grace and Evan. Kristie's family has expanded exponentially.

I took all the kids to church with me on Sunday and what a event that was. I'm used to 2 kids, but adding three more all at different ages threw me for a loop. Everyone liked church and wants to come back next week.

I didn't forget Stephen. He worked all weekend :( We missed him, but not during the OSU game. THAT was a disaster, but I won't talk about it.

Well, we finished the project we on only had 
a week to do. Aidan did great.

The boys playing soccer. Notice Sage playing his
own version in the background :)

Grace made leaf art. And caught bugs.

I went to the Salon and had my hair colored
back to my original brown. Bye bye blond. It was fun
while it lasted.

The kids. All of them except Aidan. He was in the front
seat. Clearly there wasn't enough room in the back. Good thing
Kristie lives a few blocks from church. Double buckled-up.