Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in Fast Forward

I went to review all my photos from the last week to get ready to blog and found only a  few random ones. You'd think I would have been more proactive in taking photos of the boys, like when they were opening their presents, or when they saw that Santa had been by or maybe on Christmas Eve, at church, when the entire family was dressed up and ready to go.

I did none of that. I took some ridiculous pictures.

I was busy. Very busy. Going from a family of 2 to a family of 5 is a BIG deal. There are lots of things to do. I was DOING something the entire break. So really, it wasn't a break, just a shift in paradigm for me. I enjoyed every minute of it. I really did.

So here's my ridiculous photos in some sort of order. Sort of.

Stephen and Grant at basketball practice doing
drills. Stephen was encouraging him.

Such a sweet photo. Love those boys. So much.

So this is us, after a long Christmas Eve day. We just finished
"helping" Santa. He rang bells and got on the roof
and Grant was thrilled.

My wonderful husband. Worn out me.

My attempt at taking a picture of the tree......however
I had no energy to get up off the couch and take a better one.

Oh, I made stockings, too. Even Jack Jack has one now.

The boys in the snow on Christmas Day.


Aidan eating snow. G trying to sabotage the picture.

My sweet G. Stephen sent this to me while I was working.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What the Wind Blows Down

Last night the wind here was ridiculous. It blew everything outside across the street, down the block, upside down, you name it. It also blew all the pecans down from our trees. I thought it would be cute for me to tell Grant I'd give him a nickel for every pecan he picked up, thinking he'd get bored after a few minutes. Stephen sent me this picture, two hours after my clever idea!

A FIVE gallon bucket full of pecans.

 So apparently I owe him like $300. Careful with your clever ideas, Mom's. Especially when there is a clever husband and step Dad who likes to help.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Grant's Christmas Program

He actually sang, ya'll!!!!!

My son, with blue gatorade lips!

Not looking

Yea, he looked up!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Peace in the Chaos

Things have been kind of quiet, which is why I haven't posted in a bit. Grant's been coughing ALL the time, so we saw Dr. Thompson (again) who gave us the news that G's asthma has returned. Apparently you can grow back into asthma......

I asked Dr. Thompson to please stop giving me unexpected bad news. He followed up with telling me G has an ear infection as well. Seriously?  And THEN, he tells me a few more and G has to have his tonsils out. What the heck? Poor kid. Dr. T reminded me how lucky we are, though, because Grant never exhibits that he's sick or feels bad, which is a huge blessing. He's a tough kid. He really is.

This is Dr. Thompson. I figured you should see
him, since he's become such a part of our little family.

Aidan had his choir performance at the mall yesterday. He's been going to choir practice twice a week at 7:45 in the morning (Thanks, Stephen, for running all over town to get the boys to school) for months now. He did so well!! I was so impressed with how wonderful the children sang. (We all know Grant and I can't carry a tune to save our lives). I had "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" in my head the rest of the day.

Okay, so he looks bored. Believe me, he isn't. He was so
animated during the performance. He was on the front row!

See. Told you. Quite the little actor/singer.

Grant's Christmas program is tonight. We'll see if he actually sings this year or does the usual hands in the pocket, staring off into space until the songs over. Singing just doesn't do it for Grant. Unless he's in the tub.

So, here's some random pictures I've not posted that I wanted to. Because I like them.

This is my Mom In-Law, my handsome husband, me (shortie)
and my sister in-law, Seana at thanksgiving number 2 of the day.

Grant in Stephen's hat. He looks a little mischievous.

Aidan in Stephen's hat. They both had to wear it,
during dinner.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Basketball Diaries

This past weekend was filled with basketball.

Friday night Grant practiced basketball.

I went to the Thunder v Lakers game, too. Last minute invite with Rand.

We had GREAT seats.

Saturday my sweet husband helped me recover from my basketball game fun (stayed out a little too late and had a little too much vino).

(no picture of the recovery day)

Saturday night: Grant had his first basketball game. They don't keep score, just learn the basics of the game. I was so proud of Grant. He didn't shoot the ball, or even get the ball during the game, but he hustled and had his little arms up and tried his hardest.

Grant is a great encourager. See how he's high
fiving his teammate?

G's on the right. #42.

This kid never did pass to anyone but the kid on the
right of Grant. Total bummer.  But, look how cute G looks in his
outfit! (Yes, I cried, like I always do at anything G does for the
first time)

Saturday night post game: Stephen put a basketball goal up for the boys. Grant, as if he hadn't already played enough, played again. In the dark. And cold.

Sunday: NO BASKETBALL!......until next weekend.......

Monday, December 3, 2012

Basketball, Bowling and Balmy Weather

Grant had his very first basketball practice on Friday.
Stephen's the assistant coach now and Grant did well, despite
the fact he didn't make one basket. Stephen is a great motivator
and every kid left feeling uplifted.

Aidan Bowling. Unlce Paul got him a new ball this
weekend. He got his first "Turkey".
Turkey=3 strikes in a row....I'm learning bowling

Apparently Stephen has hidden a talent from me....
he's an excellent bowler. Who knew?

Grant bowling.....notice the the ball in the gutter?
His ball spent most of it's time there. He got a little frustrated, but
got over it towards the second game. *Note* G bowled a better game
than his Mommy. I was terrible. Awful. I quit. Bowling is just not my thing.

Stephen's attempt number one at a group photo.
Great shot of G's hand....

Sort of better. We'll take what we can get.

Grant and I went to Martin Nature Park yesterday. It
was 70 degrees, way warmer than usual and I love it!
Aidan hurt his knee with all the bowling, so he couldn't make it.


My sweet boy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Indian Night

Last night my sweet husband decided he wanted to expose our kids to a different culture with dinner. He made chicken and rice with a curry sauce and tortillas (we forgot flat bread) and let the boys eat with their hands, as is customary in Indian culture. Apparently you're really only supposed to use your right hand, as the left is viewed as unclean. I feel bad for those left handers when it comes to this type of meal. Anyway, the boys were really excited and actually ate well. (We struggle to get them to eat enough). I snapped a few photos, but at this point, the boys are SO over me photographing them. Aidan just won't even let me anymore, unless I catch him of guard.

Attempting a family picture before we started...notice
Grant. Little turkey.

My second go.

Got it! caught them off guard. This is right when they
learned we didn't have to use forks.

The chicken and Basmati rice

**I** cooked these. Ta da!
I can kind of cook. Sometimes.
Sort of.

The magic curry sauce, as my Dad would say.
Everything Dad made was "magic". This sauce was

I couldn't forget Jack. He's always near the table at dinner time.
Sleeping, usually.

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Coming....

The rivalry is beginning. Our family is about to be split right up the middle. We're already gearing up for a great game.

The boys with their "OSU" and "OU" candy bars.

                      So. I'll be nice. Go Sooners. Woo whooo......

Seriously, though.