Friday, January 27, 2012

Show and Share Dilemma

Every week Grant has a very difficult time deciding what to take for show and share. This week was no different. He's just like his Mom, indecisive. I decided to take pictures of his thought process.

Night Vision Goggles

Darth Vader Mask

He swinging a peace sign necklace from graduation last year

He ended up taking a bay blade, which caused a total melt down because *I* put away his toys wrong. It took us a few minutes to find the teeny tiny part he needed.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secret Agent

Grant decided to dress up in his usual fashion for a casual dinner party we were invited to Saturday night. Pretty sure he doesn't understand "casual".

He packed a gun he could easily conceal in his inside coat pocket. Dressed in all black. He informed me he was here to protect the president.

He had his "brief case" with him, full of spy gear.

 Later that night we settled in for another viewing of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. In 3-D.***

**Worst movie ever***

Friday, January 20, 2012

GI Joe has a filthy mouth

Yesterday, Grant was getting ready to settle in to watch "Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rodrick Rules" when I asked him to please pick up his shoes and ninja mask off the floor and place them in his room, where they belong. He looked at me angrily and said ***prepare for adult language****

"Mom, you are really starting to piss me off!"

I was stunned. Totally shocked. Where in the world did he get that phrase and how on Earth does he know how to use it correctly.

"Um, what did you just say to me"

"I'm sorry, Mommy (I'm Mommy when he knows he's in big trouble). I didn't mean it. I leery* leery didn't."

*Leery? Leery? You can't even say really right yet you can use adult words appropriately? Where have I gone wrong, here?

I'll tell you. It was GI Joe. Apparently, someone (you know who you are) got him the GI Joe movie and Grant informed me GI Joe says it to some guy in the movie.

Filthy mouthed GI Joe

Excellent. I sent that movie back where it came from earlier this week and told Grant it wasn't allowed in my house. Apparently it has found it's way back in my house via my sweet impressionable child who now curses at his Mommy when asked to clean up.

This is why there are ratings on movies. I explained to Grant that it was very disrespectful to talk to anyone that way, let alone his very own Mommy. He agreed and said it won't happen again.

On a secret note, I'm SO glad it wasn't me he learned that from . This isn't the first time he's repeated something inappropriate.....

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Grant has come so far with his reading and is doing great. I videoed him reading one of my favorite books at his age, Sammy the Seal.

Proud little boy. He read the entire book. It's over 60 pages.

On to the next book, Cat in the Hat

I love at the end when he says he's tired of this now and can he video me reading to him? What a little hoot.

Monday, January 16, 2012


The weather was so nice again this weekend we took advantage of being outside. We went back to Martin Nature Park. Saturday and Sunday. Grant and I went off the "trail" and hiked around the creek. We found deer and raccoon prints and had a blast. Sunday, Beckett came over after church and Grant invited him to go with us. He'd never been. Grant tried to show Beckett how to skips stones. Beckett taught Grant how to write on rocks with other rocks. I sat back and just enjoyed the sunshine.

Grant wore his Ninja mask on Saturday. We got some
very strange looks by passer bys.

Grant managed to stay mostly dry this go around

The boys counting their rocks.

My "turkey leg" holding  a real turkey leg

Grant taking it all in.

Friday, January 13, 2012


How Grant eats olives. (I used to do the same thing)

Just us. Being silly before bed one night.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mark and Luke and King Jr

I asked Grant what he learned in school on Monday.

"We learned about Mark and Luke and King Jr."

Translation = Martin Luther King Jr.

They asked each child what there dream would be.

He said the teacher didn't write it all. It was also supposed to
say "And have everyone love one another".
What a great kid!

And then he does something like this: My precious little sweet, goofball.

The Newest Village Person

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Memories on an old Foundation

This weekend I realized Saturdays are not good for me. I wake up grouchy and emotional every Saturday. I thought and thought about this and realized Saturdays were my "day" with my Dad. Even when I was small I remember spending Saturdays with him. I laid in bed Saturday morning being all miserable and I got a bright idea.

I took Grant to a place my Dad used to take me all the time growing up. I called Auntie Lauren, because Dad always took her there as well. We headed to Sonic for some drinks and made our way to Martin Nature Park.

I hadn't been there in over 20 years. It was Grant's first time.  Of course, the second we get there he starts one direction and we start another. He was actually correct, though. He immediately found a map and was scoping out where to go. He had a great time. I was so glad to be able to share this memory with him and Lauren just as Dad had done with me so many years before.

Well armed. Sword and shield to fight the bad guys.

Quite the poser, yes?

The Monroe shadow.
Lauren, Grant and Ashley
Dad was there in spirit

Grant fell completely in about 5 minutes after this
shot. It was a cold walk back to the car for him!

I woke up to this Saturday. My beautiful Amaryllis

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Sweet Sissy

Lauren turned  18  on the 29th. Grant and I attended her low key dinner party, very Lauren like. Janie made homemade sauce and toppings and everyone made their own pizza. Grant loved hanging out with Lauren's friend's and has a new found love for Beyonce (thanks to Zach and Auntie Lauren)! He ran all over the house singing this:  (Keep in mind he's heard the song, but NOT seen the video, inappropriate footage for a 6 yr old, just an FYI)

Happy New Year

It's been a nice break from work and school and Grant and I really enjoyed our time off. We both slept in until 7:30 (that's late in our house) and hung out in our pajamas. We went to the zoo, went to the movies and saw this:

The Adventures of Tintin Poster Great movie! Really. For parents and kids.

We finally sold my Dad's car, which was surprisingly emotional for me. I went and said by to the car one last time. It was his most very favorite thing.
Grant came along and managed to touch every car in the showroom that said PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH.


Although I will say, I was disappointed with a certain "member" of the Jackie Cooper "team" and wasn't really enforcing the parental  rules once that check was in my hand. We met my Dad's favorite person at BMW, Cesar. He took us to the car and shared some memories he had of my Dad.

"Ichi" will live on in our hearts, Dad.

We stopped by Starbucks and some coffee and cookies

We went to the Hockey game New Year's Eve
 Grant made it until 11:00 and watched the ball drop in NYC (shout out to the fam in NYC and Jersey, we were thinking of you). We went to Nene and Mike's for black eyed peas on New Year's Day and Grant ran all over with Connor. No pictures on that one. I was too busy talking. I let Auntie Jess and Uncle Bryan chase after the boys. It was nice. Happy New Year!