Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter: A Photo Blog

I've had so much going on with our life that I've not had a chance to even try and focus on blogging. For those of you who are following my Dad, he's been in the hospital for two weeks now, spending 3 of those days in ICU. We live day by day.  We're still awaiting an answer on whether or not a transplant will be a good option. Grant has been a little trooper, making friends with the front desk people. Yesterday he told the black "jazz" guy (he always streams jazz into his computer)that his BALD WHITE superhero looked like the him. Ummm, great. The guy was nice about it, even gave him a Candyland playing piece....not sure why he had that at his desk, but whatever.

So here's Easter:

Grant's behind the lady crouched down with the camera
Palm Sunday was good. We met Nanny at church and Grant marched in with his palm. Notice I got a really bad picture of this. Camera problems. Well, really, me problems. I started watching him instead of photographing him. He had just gotten over an ear infection and he completely captured my attention because he had his hands over his ears while still holding the palm. I was trying to get him to stop it and wave. So, you got a good picture of Mr. Morgan instead.

I only had 7 Eggs. It worked. That's about his attention span anyway.

Easter day was a rainy, chaotic mess. I overslept *totally unlike me* and Grant didn't want to get ready. We made it church just in time to run right into Brooke's family, who was also too late for a GOOD seat at service. We all ended up in the overflow room. I was entertained by Laine and Brooke the whole time. Apparently grant wrestled with Ron Shinn in the kindergarten room and before you knew it, church was over. We fast tracked it to the hospital to see Dad then to the Tucker's for an Egg Hunt. With Eddie Jane.
He was not pleased with the ears

Umm, yeah, this picture never did really happen. Notice Grant's cheerful face.....

Super excited...about flower seeds? yup.
He wanted to plant right away.
Is he my kid, or what?

Of course Nathan is at the kid table

We ran out of there to go back tot he hospital to see Dad again and give Nanny time to hide the eggs at her house. Of course, I was done with the camera at this point. So no images there. I will say Grant had a blast at Nanny's, found tons of eggs and got his favorite new toy, a Scorpion Helicopter with a guy in it. He has taken everywhere we have gone all week. Thanks, Nanny, for such an excellent time consuming toy.
 We proceeded on to Jane's where Grant ate nothing and played  ran with Luke all over Jane's house.  After our last trip to the hospital after Jane's, we went home and crashed hard, both of us. I think there needs to be a recovery Monday after Easter holiday as well.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Grant's school had week of the young child. Really. Really? How is this different than every other week? It's a daycare/preK/Kindergarten facility. We need a week to remember that? Umm, okay. So I remembered last minute....and this is what I came up with.

He wanted the Walkie-Talkie's in the picture.

Side View, He turned and posed on his own.

Rear View. What a mess.


The secret ingredient was Kiwi's. I try to make it look appealing...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lesson Learned

Dad was feeling well enough a few weeks ago to head to JCPenney's  and do a little shopping. I wanted to find Grant an Easter suit. So, while I shopped, Dad watched the VCU game in the secret lounge we found.

I hung Grant's suit up in his room. Didn't think a thing about it. When he came home from school the next day he came running in the kitchen....

"Mom, mom what's that thing hanging in my room?"

"Your Easter suit. Do you like it?"

" Oh yea, oh yea. (doing his little Grant dance moves). Can I wear it tomorrow?"

"No, it's and EASTER suit."

"How about the next day?"

This went on and on and on. I caved. I let him wear it Friday, no uniform day at school.

He was disappointed he didn't have a blazer to go with it. Geeze!

I couldn't love anyone more.

Catch Up

 I take random pictures and think they'll be great blog posts and then I forget to blog or get too busy. I reviewed my camera last night and realized I needed to get some things down. So, there will be some random pictureses and discussion coming up.

Like this, for instance:

A sword for Lego Ninja, a car tire and 3 melted Starbursts
I opened my dryer and found this jumping out at me. This has to be a "boy" thing that turns into a "man" thing. Is it SO hard to check your pockets, boys? I suppose the only finger pointing should be towards myself. As a woman I know better. At least nothing was ruined this time (unlike the last time when the mysterious green crayon ruined an entire load of laundry).

Grant putting together the new Lego Ninja bad guy.

We had to go and pick up Dad unexpectedly after his hair cut and had to kill some time. Grant has been wanting this "Ninja Lego Guy" **"Leery, leery"*** bad.

**Leery is what Grant thinks is Really. I just don't have the heart to correct him.

I'm not a big fan of Lego's, as you all know, but here lately I've found a little joy in putting together a few things. This one was super easy,  Grant did it on his own.

Notice that golden sword? It reappeared in the laundry photo above.