Friday, May 27, 2011


Grant officially graduated Pre-K, although he spent the last year in Kindergarten, he's not old enough to move to first grade, so will continue with "real" Kindergarten next year. The theme was the 70's and the kids all wore tied dyed shirts and sang 70's songs.
Grant and Peyton
My growing little boy

Before the program. The class was super hyper.

Singing ABC Rock.

Not Interested in Singing Anymore

Reviewing his "certificate"

With Dad Afterwards, Peace!
I love you always. To the Moon and Back Again.


                                          I miss you.

My heart is broken and nothing is making it better.

I miss talking to you everyday at 4:00.
I miss hearing how the elder box bugs have invaded your house and you can't get rid of them.
I miss asking you what soccer match you're watching and having no idea what your talking about when you tell  me.
I miss reading the paper with you. Trading sections after 5 minutes because there was nothing worth reading anyway.

I still keep your number in my phone. Still have D for Dad on speed dial.

No matter where I go or what I'm doing I'm reminded of you. A song on the radio or some memory from long ago flows through my mind.

I finished going through the "boxes" of paperwork you kept. I found so many sweet cards you kept. Some from when I was Grant's age. And the pictures and drawings. And oh my the receipts you kept. Pretty sure we've kept the shred-it company in business this year.

I'm glad you're not sick anymore. It's so weird to not call the hospital everyday and try and get an answer out of someone. Or argue with someone. Or wait hours and hours for the doctor to come by. As much as I despised the battle, I'd trade it anytime for one more conversation with you. One more hug. One more walk. One more Man vs Food, Judge Judy or Andy Zimmerman eating a bug. One more trip to the health food store.

We pray for you every night. Grant says "and Grandpa Dod in Heaven".  He still asks for Luden's from time to time. I bought a box the other day, just because.

I thought this was supposed to get easier as time carries on. It's been a month. And it isn't. You're not coming back. Your planning, Type A, can handle anything daughter can't handle this one.  And you're not here to help me through it.

I wear your ring religiously. I spin it around on my finger all the time. I suppose part of you will always be with me. I'll always remember our goodbye and like you said....I'll miss ya. I love you, Dad.

Porches and Picnics

I'm behind in posts, as usual. Maybe I should just stop saying that and say I'm right on time. Anyway, last weekend was a busy one. Matt decided to power wash my porch so we could repaint it. I thought it would be an easy quick project. It was not.  It took hours and hours and wore me out. The final product is great, though. Grant helped too. He did a good job painting the steps.

Add caption
As if this project wasn't enough, we had the church picnic as well. After Sunday school we headed home to change and ran back up to church. They had a band and a cotton candy machine, so Grant was very pleased. He spent most of his time playing basketball with Morgan/Fares clan and Sam. Sam will be famous one day. He may be small, but he can dribble and shoot better than most adults I know.

Jack, David, Sam and Grant

Grant, Sam and Jack

The sun, a turtle, Grant, a ladybug and fire

Grant started a project in Sunday school making a pillow case with a scripture from Genesis. He decided he wanted to add more when we got home later.
He changed his mind and painted over the fire with water.
He wanted to be safe and contain the fire.

The final product

Monday, May 16, 2011

Recitals and Loose Teeth

This weekend was packed with family and friends. I was finally able to catch up on housework and yard work. We went to Nannie's to see our cousin Rachel, Velda and Aunt Dixie, had a sleep over with Beckett and went to Gabbie's piano recital.

Velda and Grant. They ran all over Nannie's house. She LOVED. it

Terrible pic of me, great one of Rach and Nannie

Gabbie playing at the recital. She did Great!

Post recital with cupcakes and punch

The biggest news in our busy household this weekend was (drum roll)........

Grant lost his first tooth. No, I didn't cry. I did get teary eyed. So did he. Because he saw blood. He did great and didn't feel a thing. I'm still not clear on exactly how that tooth came out, but I think an earlier fruit roll up may have had something to do with it.


New smile

It's so small

6:00am. I was informed the tooth fairy came. She left
fairy dust as well. Now Grant thinks he can fly with it.
$6 and the ability to fly. Wow, what a fairy.
Update: I picked up Grant from school yesterday and he informed me that the tooth fairy's handwriting was too big for such a small fairy hand. Quite the little observant little boy he is. He also informed me that Big Grant told him the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and Santa were NOT real, but Jesus and God were definitely real.

And, later on that evening when his Wii Tron guy died he says "Well, at least he has free health care".  ?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cook Out

We had another one of our favorite cookouts with my neighbors. Or should I say we attended. They never really have me bring anything of consequence (shhhh, I think they know I'm a terrible cook). This time I *really* wasn't supposed to bring anything, trying to help alleviate the weight of losing my Dad.

I brought red skin potato salad. Someone thought I made it. (That's what too much Sangria does to you)

 What a great group of  kids. And parents. We are so blessed to have such  great neighbors.

"Little Grant, Tate, Gabby, Jillian, Jack, "Big" Grant and Beckett

Ostrich Eggs?

It's the sixth year we've getting together with the Tuckers and enjoying the camaraderie of our children and each other. Every year we seem to grow. Every year is better than the last. Of course, we still haven't eaten an actual ostrich egg. No thank you. Waffles are just fine.

An entire table this year

The boys

Grant and Edie Jane

Could they be any cuter?

At the zoo-zeum. A replica of the old exhibit. Dad and I used to watch
those monkeys forever. It was one of my favorite places.

Feeding Edie some of his snow cone, they shared.

It was a good day

Good Friday

Empty Eggs
I've been out of sorts. Blogs will go a bit out of order. I realized I failed to mention this special day. I went to Grant's school to help out with the Easter Egg hunt. Ms. Donna gave me this *HUGE* basket to hide. All the other parents got little bags of them. I guess we all know about paybacks......she's only had to put up with me for 2 years now. She came on when Grant had been at the YMCA for a few years already. I broke her in. All is fine now, but I  *think* this giant basket had something to do with that.

Grant and Ms. Donna

Grant and Ms. Karen

After hiding about 200 eggs, the kids were let loose to collect as many as possible. Of course when the kids came in to open their precious eggs, there was nothing in them. Yup. The YMCA is sticking to their mission statement....healthy bodies. Way to disappoint a bunch of Kindergartners, YMCA. You should have heard all the upset kids when they opened egg after egg with nothing in them. Dumb idea. Anyway, here are some action shots.

Notice he isn't wearing his jacket.
Still no jacket


So midway through this hunt, Grant hands me his basket, asks me to continue looking for eggs FOR him, he something he needs to do. He then ran off. And that's me. Dumbfounded with an Easter basket. I tracked him down a few minutes later. In his jacket. He didn't want to hunt without his "whole outfit" on. 

Grandpa Dod would be proud of Grant's consumption with style. I guess that skips a generation.

The not so favorite black eye avenger girl

Grant and Peyton (his favorite "girl" in class)

Grant and Gael, his buddy