Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One of Those Nights

Last night was not good. I don't know a better way to describe it. It started with an appraisol of my house by the **most** condescending women I've met. An uncredentialed condescending woman. She wore bedazzled jeans and flip flops to match and was flat out mean. Of course I called my financial advisor today to tell of my experience. He apologized for her. he doesn't even know her and apologized for her. He did ask that I write a "formal letter of complaint". Hmmmmm. So I did. And it was good. Well see if it makes a difference.

How dare her judge my little house.

Fast forward to after she leaves. I head to Blockbuster to ask them, without looking more idiotic than I already do, if I had turned in Star Wars Return of the Sith. Why? Because I've half lost my mind trying to take care of my Dad and carry on with my life. I'm not normally absent minded. In fact I never have been. You can imagine how ridiculous I felt asking such a stupid question.

No, I had not turned it in. And it was two days late. And I have no idea where it is. Do you know what happens when you can't find a movie? You get to buy it. Yup. I got to buy something that was missing. Awesome.

I return home and ask my little angel if he knows where it is. Nope. He was too busy doing this:

Fine. I'll tear up the house and see if I can find it. Good news. It isn't in the house. It's in the TRUNK OF MY CAR.

Now we are stuck with this. You're welcome to borrow it for *free*, but if you loose it, you buy it. 

It was a bitter sweet moment.

Grant and Beckett couldn't have cared less.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Eyed St. Paddy's Day

I picked up Grant from school yesterday and noticed he had a black eye. None of the teachers took me aside like they normally do when he is injured. No one seemed to know exactly what happened. So I asked Grant. He didn't readily come out with a fantastic story like he usually does. All he said was "Maya hit me".

A girl.

A girl gave Grant his first black eye. As the real story unfolded later at the dinner table, it turned out to be an accidental "blacked eye". They were playing and Maya used some "toy" to smack my little angel in the eye.  Now had this been most any other kid in his class I would have been more upset, but we've known Maya for several years now and love her (she's the one who had the gymnastics party last year when Grant pouted the whole time).

I asked him if he cried. Nope. He just put his hand over his eye and looked at her with the other one. I asked if she apologized and he said yes. No hard feelings. Makes for a good story that I can tease him about when he's older.

I tried to capture the famous eye, but my camera just isn't doing it justice:

It's the left one. His left.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Eggs and Homework

I was informed by Grant's teacher that "we" need to do homework every night, not just all of our homework on "one" night. Fine. I'll look forward to that battle everyday instead of just once a week.

Turns out, she was right. Doing homework everyday has become less of a battle and more of an enjoyment. I was wrong. Anyway, enough of that. Look at this. His assignment was  to draw what the little boy was going to catch.

A shark and a catfish. Impressive little fisherman.
A close-up of the genius work.

Ta da. All done.

On the drive home last night Grant discussed the actual deliciousness of Green Eggs and Ham. Really, Mom. They're good.

Okay. How about having that for dinner? He was thrilled and helped make them. He ate them too.

The Zoo, Again?

Yes. We went Saturday. See, when we went on Tuesday last week, you could only visit the elephants because it was an after hours event. Grant was terribly disappointed he couldn't see any animals so of course I planned a trip for Saturday (when it was warmer). 

So here he is AGAIN, on a statue. This time it's a Monitor statue, or some other weird giant lizard alligator morphed amphibian. 

This is right before we had to go into the snake building. I don't like that place. At all. It smells, but not of animals, of stuffy, smelly zoo visiting people. Ewwe.  It's this maze of a building and you're trapped. With smelly people. Who are about 3 inches from your body. Who use poor grammar. Who wear VERY inappropriate clothing. Anyway, I'm very glad to be out of there.

Off we went to the next playground. Once again Grant was more interested in the playgrounds than the animals. BUT, guess what? I found an animal he was actually excited about.


Ta Da! The Lorkeet Exhibit. See that one on his arm? He did awesome.
 Right before the exhibit, finishing his beloved snow cone. He loves them.

The Zoo

I'm behind in posts, as usual. But, last week we went to the Zoo opening exhibit for the elephants. It's been under construction for 2 years and it's finally done. Zoo members were invited to a special opening so off we went....on one of the worst weather days all week. I was hoping Grant wouldn't want to go, he hates cold as much as I do, but no, he insisted. When we arrived there were giant elephants statues, guys in suits playing the trumpets and mascots.

Camera phone..couldn't crop out random lady in the background

Do you think I took a picture of the actual elephant exhibit? Nope. I didn't even remember to bring in my camera. I was too focused on staying warm. And, once we actually arrived at the exhibit ( I refuse to take the "lazy people train"), Grant watched for 2 minutes and was ready to go on to the next thing. Awesome. And, he asked that I please carry him back, since we don't take the lazy people train. Yup. That's what I get. Of course, I made him walk back himself. He's 5. Come on.  (I tried to carry him, for like 5 minutes. He weighs more than I thought)

Grant insists on getting on the statues and getting his picture taken

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Personal Chef

As an added bonus to Grant's restriction, I've recruited his help in the kitchen. He's actually helpful and enjoys helping. 

Cleaning mushrooms

The little vegetarian. Not a big meat fan, unless it's steak or salmon.

Movie Night

Grant has been on TV, video game and neighbor "restriction" until further notice. He's been acting "out" and I reached my limit last weekend. I'm not sure who is feeling the punishment more, myself or Grant. He is in a constant state of whining. CONSTANT.

"Mommmmmm, what am I going to doooo? I'm so bored. When can I play with the neighbors? Tomorrow? That will take forever".

This goes on and on an on. We've done puzzles, bingo, tic tac toe, checkers, Go Fish, well, you get the picture. I've been able to accomplish nothing around the house the past few days.

So, I caved and off to Blockbuster we went. I allowed him to watch movies. Only movies. So he picked this:

Some Japanese Cartoon
Have you seen these movies? Ugghhhh. Grant stumbled upon this "Anime" section of Blockbuster. It isn't even in the "family" section, which is why I was concerned. They aren't  rated, so I had to sit down and actually watch it. They're fine, for you protective parents out there. You're welcome for telling you. Now you don't have to sit through this torture.

I made up a new rule (that's the fun part of parenting, you get to make up stuff as you go along) that every time Grant picked out a movie, I picked out one from my childhood and he had to watch with me. He was less than thrilled. So I picked this:

ET Phone Home
Remember this? Of course. So Grant and I snuggled in and watched it. And...he LOVED it. His favorite scene was when Gert sees ET for the first time. He laughed so hard he almost fell off the bed. Then he paused the movie and replayed it over and over.
Gertie (Drew Barrymore) gets her first look at E.T. in Universal's E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - 1982...

There's nothing better than sharing some of your favorite childhood memories with you kiddo. Hearing him react like made me laugh and then cry. Goodness. What a joy it is to be Grant's mom.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The "Proof" is in the Picture

Remember my most recent post about school pictures? And how clever I was this year with Grant's hair?

It didn't work. Look at this:

This is NOT how I fixed his hair
 So now I've decided to start purchasing a picture each time and just pick the one I think will be the most "talked about". I'm thinking the middle one. It's so cheesy and not at all like Grant to smile like that. Ridiculous. I do like the ones that capture his fireman boots. I can't believe someone profits from this kind of photography. It's deplorable. Look at that background. Come on!

He looks super cute in his tie, though. What a sweet heart!