Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I'm worn out. Grant and I went to Frontier City Saturday and the fair Sunday. I've ridden more rides the last two days than I have my entire life. Grant loves roller coasters or anything that goes fasts or spins.

I'm a not big fan of spinning.  I got a little queasy.

Grant loved it all. I freaked out on the Ferris wheel. Yes, the Ferris wheel. I'm well aware of the ridiculousness of that statement.

Did you know they stop it while you're at the top? In a little picnic like bucket seat? With no seat belts or harnesses? And did you also know Grant likes to walk around while in this bucket thing at the top of the world with the wind blowing it side to side?

Never again.

Grant immediately found a map once inside to scope out our day.
I was stunned. Who does that? And at age 6?

 Sunday Auntie Lauren and Janie took us to the fair. We rode every ride. Almost every ride. At least the ones that a 46 inch little boy can ride. My body hurts. I feel more like 33 and less like 18. Kind of a drag, but what a fun time we had!

Auntie Lauren and Grant in one of the billion fun houses he went in

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