Thursday, January 24, 2013

Girl "Friends"...Really?

My precious sweet 7 year old son

This boy just a few years ago:

Informed me he has a girlfriend. That he loves.


My son loves a girl named Meredith. She has brown hair and white skin, according to Grant. And she talks funny like him (no idea).  He wrote her a letter that said I love you. Her response: "Cool".

Um, excuse me? Cool? Have you seen my son? Doesn't everyone love him?

Turns out, though, she loves him too. She told him at recess.


And then, Aidan informs us he's had a girlfriend for like a year. And he's kissed her. At least 20 times.


I am NOT prepared for this. I do not like this. I want my baby boy back.

When Mommy was the girl he loved most in the world.

His first fish.

My little organic banana. I want him back.

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  1. that is about the cutest organic banana i have ever seen!!!