Thursday, October 7, 2010

Concerts and Candy Corn Trees

Grant woke up Sunday morning ready to go. We dressed for church in a flash and since it was still way too early to leave, Grant decided to put on a concert. His teacher told me on Tuesday he sang it for her and she loved it! It's been non stop playing around the house with the neighbor kids.

Last Saturday I took of the neighbor boys to the zoo with us. Exhausting! They ran everywhere. And what animals did we see, you may ask?

The snakes and the aquarium. That's IT. They went from one playground to the next. I kept trying to encourage them to go see the animals, but no. They just wanted to play. Next time I'll take them down the street to the park.
Beckett, Grant and Jack
I also was crafty last weekend and made a candy corn tree. Becket came over last night and said, " I really wish we could  get a candy corn tree seed". Cracked me up. I told him the truth. I made it. It didn't exist in nature.

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