Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flu Shot Negotiating

Today was the day I took Grant for his flu shot. I told him about it last week. I know, I know, you shouldn't tell your kids until the very second something is about to happen, but I wanted him prepared. I don't like surprises, especially the ones that are no fun (like flu shots).

He seemed fine with this information. I explained the process to him and said it will hurt, for a millisecond, and then it's gone. "Okay, Mom". I also told him crying about was unnecessary. I'm not mean. I'm just fed up with crying kids. Why? I had the fabulous luck of having my office RIGHT OUTSIDE the operatory where they have been administering flu shots. To kids. Screaming, out of control kids. For 3 weeks now. Closing my office door didn't help. Poor Grant.

So, back to today. I woke up Grant and the first thing out of his mouth was, "I don't want to get a flu shot". Then the whining and hiding began. Just for a little bit. Nothing dramatic. Or should I say more dramatic than usual. Of course this put us off schedule, but we made it right on time for the shot. On the way in, Grant decides to start his "negotiating".

"Mom, I'm not getting a flu shot. Why don't you just ask them if they'll give you one and I'll just watch?"

"No. You're getting a shot. Here. Now. Today. No more negotiating."


Good attitude (pre-shot).
We made it back to the operatory and everything was going along fine. Grant accepted the fact that he was getting a shot. What he didn't accept was that he had to get it in his leg and when the nurse asked him to take off his pants, he slowly started backing away. Like he was going to get out of the room without a problem. Very charming. Slow, slow, maybe they won't notice.

So, I tackled  helped him get his pants off and set him on the table. (He no longer is light as a feather, more like a heap of bricks). He laid down like he was asked and put his hands on his sweet little belly.

Awful. Just awful. I got all teared up.

He did great. Didn't move a muscle. After she finished he closed his eyes tight and started crying. Quietly. Calmly. Nothing like the million kids outside my office. What a great kid!

I love you, Grant Matthias. Mommy is proud of you. My brave little boy.

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