Friday, October 1, 2010

Football and Breakfast

We stayed up a little late last night. OSU was playing Texas A&M. On a Thursday night. We also had a major homework set back. My fault, though. Apparently if you read 20 books a month you get a *Special Prize* (which I'm sure is something totally ridiculous, but a very big deal to Grant). So we read 7 books.

Guess what? I can read books to Grant and watch football at the same time. Yes, I turned the TV on mute.
Grant went off to sleep like a good little boy. I gave him the good news this morning:

                         We beat A&M at the last minute with a field goal!

                  And this is we how show our love for the Cowboys today
Go Pokes!

Last weekend we got together with Auntie Jessica and family. Grant had so much fun. With Nathan. The grown-up of the play group. They played Star Wars and were so fast moving that I couldn't get a good picture of the "battles".  Thanks for playing with Grant, Nathan. I hope we can do it again soon!

Nathan does have kids. And an awesome wife, who is very patient. Very. Scout is precious and very young. Just 7 weeks? That was up for debate. Clearly none of us could do any math because Nancy's breakfast was SO WONDERFUL.  See:

Bacon, Goat cheese Eggs, Fancy pancakes, fruit, you name it.

Auntie Jessica, Bryan and Connor
After breakfast the kids decided to go play. We watched. And walked and walked and walked.

Grant was hiding from Stanley.

Edie was trying so hard to get Grant to dance. He would not. And, no, the stick is not a weapon, it's a wand, thank you very much.  It took lots of searching to find the perfect one!

Still in the tie phase. With Crocs. What a doll.

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