Monday, November 1, 2010

Girl Parties

Grant attended Maya's birthday party this weekend. At Metro Gymnastics. I asked him if he wanted to go. I told him it was a "gymnastics party". Clearly there was an error in communication.

This is how he looked most of the party.

All he wanted to do was jump in the foam pit. Nothing else. He tried the balance beam. He reacted much in the same way I did to it. He HATED it. Now, don't get me wrong. He tried. In his tie and all.
This just doesn't seem right

The only "semi-smile" I was able to capture was birthday cake time. He got much happier when we left and Matt let him start the car. The push button kind of start the car. Matt got a rental. A Nissan Murano. Of course, everywhere we went, Grant wanted to start the car. Just what every parent of a 5 year old needs. Thanks, Nissan. Good thinking!


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