Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spelling Can Be Fun

Things have settled back down at our house and our routine was back to normal. I missed the late afternoon knock and walk in from Beckett. Of course, they went through their usual disagreement about what to play, but after a little suggestion from me, they went right to work.

Today's inspiration was Mythology. My LEAST favorite topic. Why they still teach this is beyond me. I'm so not looking forward to when Grant has to learn this mindless, useless material.  Anyway, back to the topic. Beckett was drawing a monster, a cyclops to be exact, and Grant chose the always popular super heroes.

Notice the Red lips? That's Sicilian Orange Sherbet. Grant's Favorite!
Grant decided to throw his marker in Beckett's general direction. I was not pleased. Beckett then politely asked if I could write on Grant's forehead the way I did last week when he made a bad choice.  I thought for a minute and realized there was a great opportunity for the boys to learn how to spell. So I let Beckett write on Grant's forehead.


I had Beckett write nice on his arm. I hope his Mom doesn't think I'm nuts.

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