Monday, October 10, 2011

Peace and Quiet

We finally had a weekend that wasn't jam packed with places to go. Of course part of that was due to a tummy bug I had, but it was nice to just be home. It rained and rained. Of course we watched the OU Texas game. Unfortunately, Texas lost. Huge bummer. But, OSU beat Kansas, which helped with the Longhorn sadness. Grant played with the neighbors all weekend.  We stopped by Nene's and Mike's to celebrate October birthdays. Edie Jane immediately put on her Princess dress we got her. She walked in and Grant opened her present for her. What a turkey. Nene cooked a fab meal, as usual. Recipes thanks to the Pioneer Woman ( Grant ate his "steak" (beef tenderloin) with ketchup. What a mess. He totally ruined a great piece of meat with ketchup. He did ask for steak sauce first, though. Edie also had ketchup with her steak.

Grant and Edie. Very stylish couple.

Playing in the Rain

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