Friday, October 28, 2011

Tummy aches to Transformers

Of course last weekend was a great opportunity for numerous great pictures.  We went to Jack's birthday party (next door neighbor) where Grant had the *very worst day of his entire life*. Meanwhile, I thoroughly enjoyed myself while watching OSU defeat Missouri on Mike's big screen tv. All the original neighborhood kids were back together again and I took NO photos. I was completely engaged in the game.

Sunday we went to Edie Jane's moon bounce party. Did I mention I LOST Grant twice in one day? Yes. Once at church, of all places, and once at Edie's birthday. I've quickly learned Grant has his own little agenda and doesn't realize he needs to let others know what he is doing. I was convinced he'd fallen in the pond at Edie Jane's and was drowning somewhere (I watched a lifetime movie the day before about a little boy drowning, which added significantly to my all ready over reactiveness). Really, though, Grant had welcomed himself inside Edie's grandparents house to look for more toys. Great.

So this week I took pictures, but nothing of great importance. Little Angel got super sick at four in the morning Thursday and had to stay home with me. He got the tummy bug. He hasn't thrown up since he was 6 months old. We were both a little taken a back. Grant said it made perfect sense because he was hot. Um, okay, probably has nothing to do with the nasty tummy bug making it's way around OKC right now, does it?

He woke up today ready for trick or treating at school, costume and all.

Before the Virus

The Virus has lifted. All better!

Bumblebee Transformer (aka Grant)

Mommy dressed up in her Pep Club Uniform
from High school. Still fits. ???


  1. Adorable Halloween costumes - both of you! I'm glad Grant is feeling all better --and I love his explanation of why he was sick. He's too cute!

  2. Grant looks rockin' in his transformers costume. And I'm not even going to comment on the fact that you can fit into something from high school. =)