Friday, October 14, 2011

Shots, lots of them

Grant had his big appointment with the allergist on Wednesday. It started out great. Giggling and all.

He had his usual chocolate milk and scones from Starbucks while we waited.
Spoiled boy!

The nurse came in and drew a grid chart on Grant's arm and stuck him with a tack like object four times and he handled it great, no problem.

Then the terrible kicked in. I mean terrible. 3 shots. You would have thought the boy was getting sliced from head to toe the way he screamed and cried and kicked.

It was awful.

I had to hold the boy down while he pleaded with me to not let them do it to him. His eyes got all blood shot from the strain of trying to escape my hold on him. He's a very strong little boy.

After the "first series" of shots, he was administered 2 more. I thought they were joking when they came and asked if we were ready for two more shots. There was no way any of us were going to go through that again, but Grant surprised me. He just held out his arm and told me to be quiet.

So I was quiet. And he took the shots. And we went back to playing our 100th game of Uno that morning while waiting to see if he was going to blow up like a balloon.

Better. I did not capture any photos of his complete and total melt down.
I was too busy trying to hold him down for the nurse.
After four hours of allergy bliss, we were done. For now. We have to go back and stay for yet another 4-6 hours while they give him an oral (YES, oral. NO MORE SHOTS, thank God) dose every twenty minutes.  Hopefully he will not react  and we'll finally be able to treat him successfully for any illnesses that may come his way.

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  1. wow, what a brave boy!! my heart broke hearing about the first round of shots. i can't believe he just held out his arm for more! why couldn't they all be oral!