Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wednsday Through Friday Morning

Last week was a mess. Weather was weird and G broke his wrist playing with the neighbor boys. G and jumped in the Camry and headed to the ER in the snow and ice covered streets. The good news for the boys was school was cancelled on Friday and they could play all day. Sort of. G winged it.

Wednesday. Grant signs his name into aftercare
Grant/Cool Guy. That's how they page him to come to
the office when I pick him up.

Thursday. Work let out early. Took me an hour to get home.
It usually takes 12 minutes. No fun.

Thursday night. Sleep over foiled by broken wrist.

Waiting in the ER for Xrays of G's right wrist.
My poor little boy.

THursday later night. Temporary cast being placed.

Thursday night later later. Cast in place. Shirt had to be removed.
Poor little guy froze with just his coat on half of his body.

Fractured Radius and Ulna. Learning our
bones and where they are the hard way.

Friday. Never thought I'd be giving G a bath again.
Brought back memories.

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