Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Cast Finale!

Tuesday I was fianlly able to get G an appointment with an orthopedist. I actually had to call in a few favors from good old Dr. Poynor to get this child taken care of. Grant went with a pink cast, for Breast Cancer Awareness (no idea). We stopped and got pizza and then zipped by Michael's to get cast sigining sharpies and materials for his upcoming project on the Olympics. (when I say "his" I mean that loosely. He can't write or cut, so he typed and I did the rest). Poor guy. He can, however, miraculously play video games. In fact, the doc asked him to play lots to help keep his fingers moving and blood flowing. His next phase of therapy is a splint and then on to dish washing, again, to keep the blood flowing and strengthen the wrist. Pretty smart doc. Dr. Emerson, in case you need a broken bone doc. He was AWESOME.

Here's G getting the final cast placed. He did great.

We went to Hideaway afterwards for pizza therapy.

Yes, I made him pose in front of the Christmas tree with his
cast. Memories, okay?

More memories. No judgements, please.
Come on. How cute is that face?

My sweet little boy. I'm so proud of him and surviving his first
"Buckle Fracture of his Ulna and Radius".

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