Friday, August 20, 2010

Really? Blogging?

Grant got chocolate chips all over his nice WHITE shirt this morning. He picked his outfit. Jeans, boots, White dress shirt and tie....and now Chocolate chips. I thought I would be a super mom this morning and make his favorite chocomuffins. And I was a super, until I flipped my OCD switch when we got out of the car at school and found him covered in chips. Melted chips. All over. A tie and melted chips. He looked dirty, which really irritates me. Dirty kids. It's just unacceptable, unless you're at home and can quickly remedy the situation.
We were **NOT** at home. It's the second day of school. SECOND day. And he was a mess. I guess it could have been worse. At least he had on a tie. Maybe that will draw the attention away?
When I really think on it, Grant doesn't care. He was more concerned with his "Show and Share" today. It's always an issue every Friday morning. You would think we would pick something out Thursday, now wouldn't you. That would require me thinking ahead. We tried it once, but he changed his mind by the next day. This morning was no different:
Grant: "Mom, can I take a weapon" Me: "No. YMCA is against that. You know that Grant". Grant: "Well, how about my Ninja sword. It's not a real sword" Me: "Seriously, Grant? No."
He ended up taking  a mini Thunder basketball. Great idea. He tried to dribble all the way into school. We were already late. He can't dribble. And he was covered in chocolate.
You know what, though? I love that little chocolate messy boy. Some might think that was a chaotic morning. It was. But what would life be like otherwise? I'm blessed and thank God for this new day.

                                          Grant's first day of Kindergarten, Yesterday, Chocolate Free!

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