Monday, August 23, 2010

To Wii or Not to Wii

To the makers of Lego's Star Wars "E" for everyone: Your design is way flawed.  While I appreciate your attention to non-violent battles, I do **NOT** appreciate the degree of difficulty this game exhibits. Grant insists on me trying to get him through a certain level. I thought sure, no problem......WRONG. After twenty minutes of retracing and jumping and reading through the ENTIRE manual, I could not get through level 3.

I was left with a very disappointed 4 year old.  And, I was stressed. Yes, stressed. By a video game. For kids. Wii, I quit you for awhile. (I will come back and play Super Mario Brothers, though. It's an old one from the 80's, when they really knew how to make video games everyone could understand).
Post Wii fiasco. We made it.

Now please understand, we are not a Wii aholic family. Our weekend was well spent doing other great things. We celebrated Grandpa Dod's birthday (#60, woo who- he's not that thrilled) at Saturn Grill.  Saturday afternoon we celebrated Ms. Laine Aiko's FIRST birthday party. Grant enjoyed himself. Especially with new found friend, Walker (Brooke's nephew) which I expected. What I didn't expect was Laine wrestling Grant. To the ground. On his back. She won. In her fabulous tutu and all.

My favorite new experience was Grant and the Pinata. When the candy finally came spilling out (the ribbon pull kind of pinata, not the beat the crap out of it pinata--Thanks Brooke and Dru for that decision of non-violent pinata) the kids were stunned. Deer in head lights kind of stunned. Grant looked up at me and was like, um, holy moly. Now what? When all the parents clued the kids in that they should now get the candy, it was mayhem. And what did Grant hoard, you may ask?

Bubble Gum.

Again, thanks Brooke and Dru.....

Before the Candy. Grant dressed himself. Tie phase.

After the Candy. Stunned.

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