Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Red Box

Yesterday afternoon was great. Perfect weather. I picked up Grant after school and he had been such a good boy that I surprised him with Red Box.

Grant LOVES Red Box. Everyday after school it's the same discussion.
"Mom, Can we go to Red Box and rent a movie? Please. I've been good all day."

Yesterday was the first day he didn't ask. So what do I do? Right. I surprise him and let him go. Of course, he wanted to rent Kick Ass. NOT APPROPRIATE. Rated R or something close to it. He can't read but he liked the "cape" the guy was wearing on the front cover. Nice 4 year olds.

We settled on "The Spy Next Door" with Jackie Chan. Let me give some advice to the moms out there who have little boys. Do *not* let them watch Jackie Chan movies. I was busying myself with cooking dinner while little mister Grant started the movie. I went in several minutes later to check on him and couldn't find him.

He was hiding. He ambushed me. When I say ambush, I mean he ran at me full force and almost knocked me down and then started karate chopping and kicking me. Not really attacking me, just pretending to attack. Like Jackie Chan. This little movie did not help me in persuading him out of karate lessons.

Before all the ninja craziness, we stopped at Walgreen's and picked up a few things. Grant always persuades me into buying him something. Since he was so good while I shopped (he stayed in the card aisle and listened to all the musical cards. I caught him dancing to "Shake Your Groove Thing" by the Chipmunks).

Anyway, this is what he decided on for his "one thing" he could get at the store:

They're magically delicious

We ended up at the  park on the way home. Too nice outside to pass up that opportunity.  There's nothing better than watching the joy your kid gets from playing at the park.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us Rejoice and be glad in it!

Pardon the messy face, had a push-up at the park.
Grant's favorite rock.

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