Monday, August 30, 2010

Don't Do This

I had to run out and get something Thursday and Grant was not remotely interested in joining me. He was busy trying to make his own Bow and Arrow (thanks neighbors Matt and Beckett).  I couldn't find a rubber band and then when I found one (in the freezer), I broke the stick that was supposed to be the "bow". Que the melt down. And what did I do to help? Well, I had to leave right away to go get a last minute bday present so I told Grant he could pick one toy while we were there. One. Toy. Nothing else.

Enter Steinmart. Things started well. Grant was even helpful. Off he went to the toy section and let me shop in peace. For about 5 minutes. Then he brings me something ridiculous.

Me: No, Grant. Not that, pick something else.

Grant: But I'll NEVER get anything Ever again. Stomp stomp stomp........(Shop-aholics should really try shopping with a 4 yr old. It would totally break them).

I found him sitting in a toy basket, pouting. We had to leave. Apparently there is *Nothing* at Steinmart, so you really shouldn't even go there.

Fast forward to Michael's Craft store, two doors down. This is where the title of today's blog comes into play. I felt bad, so I said, look, we can go here and you find one toy. He lit up. Great. Problem solved. Off we went.

Are you aware of the all the stuff of Michael's? I couldn't even suggest something. It was a nightmare. After my last threat of WE ARE LEAVING RIGHT NOW, he finally decided on something.

A tube of plastic Knights and Dragons. With swords. $6.99. Fine.

And here's my SWEET angel 2 hours later:

He fell asleep with the "Good Guys" on his face.

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