Friday, September 24, 2010

The Youngest Bachelor

Grant woke up this morning all on his own (awesome) and picked his show and share right away (helicopter). I asked him what he would like to wear today, since it's no uniform Friday. Here is what he chose:

The cutest boy IN THE WORLD.
 I snapped a picture at school because I thought no one would believe me when I said he asked for a cool guy jacket AND a flower to go in his pocket. But the next part is what really put me in tears:

Mommy, can I have a pink flower so I can give it to Ms. Hines (his teacher) when I get to school?

Have you EVER met such a sweet little boy? Honestly, I wanted to hug him forever this morning. He's at that age where hugging isn't cool. He said, Mom, get off me! Ughhhh.

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