Friday, December 3, 2010

Another Christmas, another Gingerbread House

I do it every year. I get all excited about Christmas and go out and buy a gingerbread house. And every year I get super stressed while trying to put it together. Last year it took me 2 hours. Grant ate most of the roof candies and nothing worked as it should. NOTHING. The thing collapsed at least three times.

So this year, I decided on letting Grant choose the Christmas craft. We went to Michael's. The location of numerous meltdowns. I braved it and in we went. Grant immediately couldn't make up his mind. It takes him forever to make a final decision. He's indecisive. So am I. I can't fault him.

After much debate and encouragement for anything else, he chose a gingerbread house. A foam one. At least that was a bonus. We took it up to the hospital to assemble, so Grandpa Dod could partake in the crafty Christmas cheer.

It wasn't so cheery. I think I said the "s" word so many times Grant could spell it phonetically. Bless his heart. Foam isn't any better than the real thing. The directions weren't really directions at all. Just diagrams of shapes. The pieces were labeled on the directions, but not on the actual pieces. Helpful. Really?

So, two hours later, here it is:

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