Friday, December 3, 2010

The Tree

I usually put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. This year things are a bit crazy, so I did it Sunday night. When I say "I", I mean "I". I have great expectations every year. Maybe the better thing to say would be I have visions of Christmas movies running in my mind where everyone is happy and having a wonderful time,  remembering Christmas's past and hanging ornaments.

That didn't happen. Not even close. After I got the lights on the tree, I called Grant in to start help decorating. He decided to gently place dump all of my ornaments on the floor so he could "pick which ones he wanted to hang". He broke one of my favorite ornaments and then "didn't know how to hang them on the tree". Really, Grant? So I showed him. He then proceeded to hang 5 ornaments. 5. In the same spot. Which drove me crazy. I like all the ornaments evenly spaced and hanging at the perfect length and all facing the right direction. Call me what you will, but it makes the tree pretty. And Grant didn't notice I rearranged his ornaments. He's a boy and isn't so uptight about things like that.

Kinda blurry. Camera malfunctions.

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