Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa and Crazy Neighbors

I picked up Grant from school yesterday and asked how his day was. He informed me that "Sam" had been bad IN FRONT OF SANTA (wow, that's pretty risky) and instead of bringing him presents this year, Santa was going to bring him a coal  **Cold**.  Grant isn't aware that if you're bad Santa will bring you a lump of coal. It's clearly a cold. Duh?

Grant and I at the Winter Wellness Bash @ Chesapeake.

My Co-Workers. Great group of people. All of them.

I scheduled a Carriage ride around our neighborhood last weekend. Linwood neighborhood association was so kind to put this together. It was a short ride around the neighborhood to view the lights and then a visit with Santa (glad Grant didn't look close, because this one was about 30).

Things were on track for the fabulous ride until my very favorite neighbors cancelled on us last minute. This meant we had to share the carriage with other *neighbors*.  I know a lot of neighbors, so I wasn't worried. We climbed in the giant carriage and got to sit in the front part, all warm and cozy with our blankets and hot cocoa. We ended up sharing with the "McCrazies" (I'll not use their names in case someone out there knows them and thinks they aren't totally nuts). 
They live 2 1/2 blocks from us. I know that because they went on and on when we passed their mediocre house. Then they had the nerve to yell something sarcastic at the sweet old man who was putting the final touches on his absolutely beautiful house lights. I won't go into the tiny specifics of all the comments they made, but it was enough to make me want to walk on a different side of the street next time Grant and I head to the park. Ca-Ra-Zy. Maybe Santa will bring them some straight jackets for Christmas. Ho ho ho.

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  1. Hey Ash! Thanks for visiting my blog! I just read through several pages from yours. This is why I love reading blogs-- it feels like you can catch up on life! Thank you for praying for my mom. I think of you and your dad often. I know it is hard to juggle working, being a mom and trying to be at the hospital too. Hang in there. :)
    ps-- Maybe Santa will bring your crazy neighbors a "cold"? Ha!