Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kisses and Valentine's

Grant had a wonderful Valentine's Day. He came home with a little box he decorated and went through each card and read them. This is the first year he actually cared to read them and see who they were from. They had a Valentine's Day party at school and *apparently* Sunni kissed Grant at this party.

Grant: "Mom, Sunni kissed me today at school. Two times. And, I didn't even tell on her."

Me: (shocked privately) "Really? Wow. Where did she kiss you?"

Grant: "Once on the cheek and once on the throat."

Me: (totally freaked out) "Well, that's nice son." -I have no idea how to respond to that. None. I'm still drawing a blank. I'm not prepared for this. Sunni is a lovely little girl. Prettiest in the class and her parents are very kind and hard working.  And, I am a little proud the prettiest girl in class likes Grant. The little charmer that he is.

His Valentine basket from me contained his favorite
Axe body spray. He put some on this morning. Perhaps
that's why Sunni kissed him and the commercials are right.

Nannie took Grant to get his Mommy a Valentine.
So sweet. Grant picked this out. It smells like
Cinnamon. A giant Red Hot cinnamon.

This was our first attempt at a photo. Grant
thought it was funny to try and screw up the
picture and irritate me. I won't tell you how many
times we had to try this shot.

My little Valentine. I love you to the moon!


  1. Ashley, you are so pretty. Inside and out!

    1. Thank you! You're so sweet. Happy belated Valentine's Day!

  2. Can you imagine what Sunni's parents must be thinking if she came home saying she kissed a boy on the cheek and neck?! Lord knows what I'd be thinking if Velda came home saying that! aaak!! Grant is a charmer though!! =)

    1. Well, get ready. I was totally caught off guard. I can't imagine what her parent's are thinking!