Friday, March 30, 2012

One of Those Days

Yesterday was a tough one for me personally. Dad's probate is over and while it was a relief, it was a closure moment that caught me off guard. Or maybe it's that the year of his death is approaching quickly and mentally I feel like it was if he just passed away. My grief has totally taken over. I'm lucky to have such a sweet little boy who has almost uncanny timing with random hugs or words. I cherish his prayers at night because he always, without fail, prays for Granpa Dod in heaven. If only he could have come to know him like I did.

Given the day I had, spending time with Grant is precious. Takes my mind off of the sadness temporarily. I worked out yesterday, which means I pick up Grant after 5:00 from school. He had been playing outside for quite sometime and was pretty put out with me for remembering a *snack but no *drink.

I offered my apologies, but they went on deaf ears. So, off to Sonic we went. We came home and he HAD to see what his "prize" was from his wacky pack. And what a "wacky" prize it was. Who ever thinks up these ridiculous toys at Sonic is a total nut. They created and entire line of stuffed character tater tots. Weird. And of course, Grant got the one character he did not want.

This is "Bizarro Tot". What?  He has a cape, too.
What exactly is he the super hero of? Bizarre people?
 Later on in the evening it was on to show and share decision making time. I photographed the process this time. And would you even believe after all the thought process behind the final decision, this morning the "fully charged" game boy his Daddy got him was not "charged" at all. Clearly it's broken. Already.

Looking for binoculars, which he never did find.

He found his umbrella he has been looking for since last year

The spy watch almost made it to the finals.

Grant decided since I was taking pictures of him, he wanted to take
a picture of me. Pardon the appearance. All sweaty from the
gym and clearly a little bummed out.

This led to a massive freak out and of course we were already running late. I'm SO over show share. Grant ended up taking A Bug's Life movie. He was not happy. I was not happy. I can't wait for the weekend. We need time to relax and break from the everyday hub bub.


  1. I'm sorry its been a tough one. Sending you hugs!! On another note, I love the idea of tater tot super heroes! AWESOME!! Grant can always send me the ones he doesn't like! Hey, maybe he'd like something from NY for a show and share day? Postcard, subway map, maybe he doesn't care about that stuff.

  2. Oh Ashley...I totally understand. Like waves, grief just keeps coming. Sometimes it just tickles my feet and I can deal with it. At other times, a wave just completely washes over me. I think I have been struggling with the year mark coming up so quickly. It is just so hard. Thank goodness for these sweet kids of ours! What joy they bring in the midst of the pain.