Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just another busy night

Our days are so busy anymore. Yesterday was just another one of them. Grant had Tae Kwon Do after school and then with dinner, homework and playtime, it's bedtime before I can blink. I realized yesterday we left the house at 7:00am and got home at 7:00pm. I felt like a crazy person trying to squeeze in everything  we needed to before bed at 8:30, but we managed. Surprisingly well, actually. I snapped a few photos at TKD, as Grant was finally positioned on the end where  I could get a good photo. He's really progressing well and actually taught me a few moves last night after we got home.

First one one the left

Front and Center

 After dinner we tackled homework and I reviewed some of his recent art work and school work. I took some photos, because my office walls are full, the fridge is covered and I can't throw away anything without proper documentation.

A lion. See. That's exactly what I would have said it was.....

His school made of Popsicle sticks

A little math

I forgot what he said this was.....yikes!

A dolphin

We ended the chaotic night with our favorite movie.


  1. I love the Princess Bride and it's awesome that it's one of Grant's favorite's! Can't wait to watch it with Velda.

  2. Perfect movie to snuggle up and watch! And I'm like you, it is hard for me to throw anything away.