Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First day of School

Well, we made it into Cleveland. At the last minute of the last hour. Stephen made a few phone calls and it was done. I ran up to school yesterday afternoon and enrolled him for Mrs. Grizzle's first grade class. We enjoyed the last evening of summer with the neighbors with the slip n slide, pizza and general wild boy antics.

Both boys started school this morning. Grant at Cleveland and Aidan at Nichols Hills. So Stephen and I went our designated different directions.

Grant, the sweet first grade boy.
Aidan, the sweet 4th grade boy.

Grant and Aidan
Proud and emotional Momma

Proud Dad
My shining moment. What a struggle it was to get
Grant in this school. Holy Moly!

Outside of Mrs. Grizzle's class

Grant's Desk

Grant the goof ball

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