Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Break

School is out for 2 weeks. That's a long time. Keeping the boys entertained has been a full time job for Stephen. He does a wonderful job with the boys. I'd be going nuts staying home for two weeks.

So. He taught Grant how to ride a his bike (in 15minutes, I might add).

Held bike races with the neighbor kids.

Matt and Beckett were across the street.
 We went to Stillwater for Homecoming and did the annual Walk-Around. I can't tell you how nice every single person was there. We had complete strangers invite us for food, people offer to take our pictures, heard bands play and.....we got lost. Well, we got separated in a sea of orange. It took us an hour to find each other again. Worst hour of my life. Stephen and the  boys were together and were safe, though. Lesson learned. We always take BOTH cell phones with us to events like these.

Imagine this times 4 in the dark. Crazy busy, but totally fun.

Actually more like this. With me panicked.

Stephen and I  watched the OSU homecoming game. Go Pokes. We won!

Our family

And then we came home and relaxed.

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