Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Time away

The boys have spent time all over the place lately. Friend's houses and other parent's. It seems when one is away the family is totally off balance, even when two or four friends come over to play. Grant comes home after spending 5 nights and six days away from home.

I hated every second of it. ***

But, am happy he was able to spend time with his brother, Parker. He spent lots of time swimming, golfing, going to the park and playing video games. He comes home tomorrow morning and I couldn't be happier!

Parker, Paul and Grant at the golf course.
 Aidan spent some time with his Mom on Monday and was able to meet some of the Red Hawk players and get a few autographs. He came home excited to show me and then we cracked up when we couldn't read a word written. All he knew is one guy was French and some other guy wasn't. Funny!

Aidan waiting for an autograph.

***Well, maybe not every second. I did get to spend some
great alone time with my loving husband at the pool.

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