Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's September 1st

Grant's learning so many new things at school. I know this because he will randomly say something that I know for sure he didn't get from me.

Like this morning. Grant wanted to know what day it was. He never cared before. Apparently this is something you learn in Kindergarten. Days of the Week. All the way to school I hear this:

"Mom, it's Wednesday, September 1st." Followed by "Can I get a costume now, since it's another day?"

I made the  mistake of telling him yesterday that costumes aren't out yet and will start in September. He actually listened and correlated the date to an event. He's a genius and I can longer get away with the things I used to. Wau waugh :(

This has nothing to do with the post. I just really like this one.

Could he be any cuter?
And,  he fastened his own seat belt this morning! Ta da! I'm glad about that one. I tried to help him and he said, "Can you give me minute? I'll get it, just be patient." Well! I couldn't love anyone more.

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