Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Laine's Party

This past weekend we went to Laine's 2nd birthday party. It's been so fun to watch Laine grow and become her own little person. There's something special about being friends with someone so long as Brooke and I have been and then to get to watch them become a parent. I was the first one in our "group" to have a child and it's nice to finally have a friend who is on the same journey as I am as a parent.

Happy Birthday Laine and Brooke and Dru!
Laine taking it all in with Nana
Birthday Girl!
Milk and Cookies, Brooke style

Grant immediately joined the party. That's Madeline, Laine's cousin,
in the pool with him.

Of course Nana bought Laine a mini pink golf cart, which was the hit
of the party.

Grant and his excellent grip and golf stance

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